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Having trouble hunting down the heart pieces in the Nintendo Switch remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening? We’ve got you covered with a map and full solution for each one, with an indication of the tools required and when they become available to you. Also featured: where to find the last heart container in the game.

Link’s Awakening Heart Piece Map

Links Awakening Heart Piece Map

There are 32 heart pieces to find in the Switch version of Link’s Awakening. You can find their general location in the map above. We have numbered each based on the rough order you can initially encounter them – check the list below for a more detailed breakdown of how to claim each one.

Be sure to check out our secret seashell map and guide as well.

Heart Pieces Available Immediately

The following heart pieces are accessible before Level One – Tail Cave (see part one of our guide). Only the fifth requires a specific item (the Sword), though you’ll need a lot of rupees to get them all early!

Heart Piece 1: Trendy Game (#1), Mabe Village


Prerequisites: Rupees, patience

A heart piece is available in the Trendy Game from the very start (alongside the Yoshi Doll for the trading sequence). Its large size makes it less prone to falling from the claw than some other items, but it may take some time to get used to it – keep on trying, as claiming this heart piece grants access to another heart piece (and two secret seashells).

Heart Piece 2: Go Shopping in the Tool Shop, Mabe Village


Prerequisites: 200 Rupees

Though available from the very beginning of the game, at 200 rupees the Heart Piece in the Mabe Village tool shop isn’t initially the most affordable item – remember, you’ve got a whole game to afford it!

Heart Piece 3: Catch a Small Fish, Mabe Village Fishing Hole


Prerequisites: 10 Rupees

Catch any of the smaller fish in the Mabe Village Fishing Hole to discover a heart piece. This size of fish is very common and usually found in the upper part of the pond.

Heart Piece 4: Catch a Large Fish, Mabe Village Fishing Hole


Prerequisites: 10 Rupees

Land one of the green fish that typically swim in the mid to lower depths of the pond. Heart Piece 3 and 4 can be claimed in any order.

Heart Piece 5: Jump in the Well, Mabe Village


Prerequisites: Sword

There is a well in the northwest of Mabe Village, below the entrance to the Mysterious Forest. Remove the bushes here and walk off the ledge to access a cave containing another heart piece.

Heart Pieces Available After Tail Cave

You will claim the Roc’s Feather in the Tail Cave (see part two) allowing you to jump across pits. This allows you to reach two previously inaccessible heart pieces.

Heart Piece 6: Jump the Circle of Pits, Koholint Prairie


Prerequisites: Roc’s Feather

Return to the northwest of Koholint Prairie (a little north of the Witch’s house) and jump over to the heart piece surrounded by pits.

Heart Piece 7: Jump a Line of Pits, Tabahl Wasteland


Prerequisites: Roc’s Feather

Tabhal Wasteland is a dead-tree-strewn field accessed via the Graveyard (which in turn is accessed by jumping the pits east of the Witch’s house). Look in the northeast of the area to find a heart piece over the other side of a line of pits.

Heart Pieces Available After The Bottle Grotto

Complete the Bottle Grotto (see part three of our walkthrough) and you will gain the Power Bracelet, allowing you to lift pots and other heavy items. The following heart pieces (five in total) become accessible as a result of this, either directly (you use the power bracelet to solve a puzzle to reach the heart piece) or indirectly (the whole area is opened up because you have the power bracelet).

Heart Piece 8: Push Blocks and Throw a Skull, Mysterious Forest


Prerequisites: Power Bracelet

Back when you were trying to find your way to the first dungeon, you would have passed through a short cave network on the way to pick up a toadstool necessary for making magic powder. In the last of the three rooms in the cave was a heart piece – with the Power Bracelet you can now lift the skull rocks and get to it.

From the bottom exit: Push the two highest available blocks to the left, then push the two rocks in line with the first skull stone up. Lift both skull rocks and grab the heart piece (screenshot corresponds with this method)

From the right exit: There is one stone you can push down – do so. There will be two stones you can push left – push the lower one that way. Move up and push the rock there right. Then push the two rocks in line with the first skull stone up. Lift both skull rocks and grab the heart piece

Heart Piece 9: More Block Pushing and Skull Throwing, Ukuku Prairie


Prerequisites: Power Bracelet

Enter the cave in the northwestern corner of Ukuku Prairie.


Push the upper leftmost stone upwards, head right and push the stone there to the right. Throw the skull directly below and push the stone in front of the chest left to claim its contents. There is a short line of two stones on the righthand side: push the top stone right and the bottom stone down. Chuck the skull stone and grab the heart piece.

Heart Piece 10: Collect 5 Secret Seashells, Seashell Mansion


Prerequisites: Collect 5 Secret Seashells

The Seashell Mansion can be found south of Kanalet Castle – enter after finding five secret seashells and you will be rewarded with a heart piece.

Heart Piece 11: Jump the Pits in the Pothole Field, Ukuku Prairie


Prerequisites: Roc’s Feather

Once you’ve handed the five leaves from Kanalet Castle to Richard, he shows you a tunnel leading to an overgrown field behind his Villa. In the north east corner there is a heart piece over the other side of two-pit wide gap. Having the Pegasus Boots makes grabbing this one a lot easier (dash and jump), but it is possible to jump far enough with just your standard jump.

Heart Piece 12: Pushing Blocks and Jumping Gaps, Tal Tal Mountain Range


Prerequisites: Power Bracelet, Roc’s Feather

Though you don’t really need to come to the Tal Tal Mountain Range until after you have the Angler’s Key, it is possible to head into the caves there once you have the power bracelet. This heart piece can be found on the second screen of the cave network.

Destroy the purple gem at the top, then jump into the space shown. Push two stones up. Then push the stone immediately left of the stairs down. Now push the rock above the lower purple gem left (you will fall in a pit). Jump the pit and swing your sword to take the gem out (you may fall in the pit again). Jump the pit and run to the heart piece.

Heart Pieces Available After Key Cavern

The Pegasus Boots are the Key Cavern’s main treasure (covered in part four) and allow passage through black barriers and over larger chasms. They grant access to six new heart pieces, either directly or indirectly.

Heart Piece 13: Trendy Game (#2), Mabe Village


Prerequisites: Complete Key Cavern

Once you have reached the key cavern it’s possible to access a later set of special items in the Mabe Village Trendy Game. Make sure you have already grabbed the Yoshi Doll, first heart piece, first secret seashell and a chamber stone. This should make a heart piece appear on the moving platform on the upper right.

With your forward move, line the light of the claw up with the rail that the platforms run on. Start heading right when the heart piece platform begins moving left from the right corner – by the time you get to the far end of the game, the heart piece should be starting to move back to the right. The claw should descend and grab the heart piece about the time that the platform arrives under the claw. Tweak your timing accordingly.

Heart Piece 14: Complete ‘Fill Up Your Hearts’ Challenge, Dampé’s Shack


Prerequisites: Reach Key Cavern, Complete all other tier one design challenges

Dampé opens his dungeon designing minigame once you have completed the Key Cavern. Complete the first three tier one design challenges and you will receive the challenge ‘Fill Up Your Hearts’. Appropriately, your heart shaped dungeon design will earn you a heart piece.

Heart Piece 15: Jump the Gap, Cemetery


Prerequisites: Bombs, Pegasus Boots

There are two entrances to the cave containing this heart piece – both our map and the in-game map labels the entrance west of the graveyard. However we’re going to suggest heading to the alternative exit, which you can reach by pushing up the lower right of the tombstones in the group of four in the southwest of the graveyard.


Plant a bomb next to the cracked stone block immediately below the steps. Then dash jump over to the right. Jump north to get the heart piece (later, the hookshot will provide an alternative).

Heart Piece 16: Break the Black Barriers, Bomb a Wall, Ukuku Prairie


Prerequisites: Pegasus Boots, Bombs

On Ukuku Prairie, head east of the area’s warp point and north at the tree-line: there is a cave here that you should enter. Dash attack through the black barriers and head north.


If you head down-screen there’s a chest with 50 rupees to open, but the real prize is behind a cracked wall in the upper right.

Heart Piece 17: Head Behind the Houses, Animal Village


Prerequisites: Progress to Animal Village

Head north immediately before you get to the entrance to Yarna Desert (whether the Walrus is there or not) and you’ll be able to loop up and around the houses of Animal Village to get the heart piece you will have seen. (Note that the cracked wall in the corner on the way leads to Heart Piece 29, so you will have to wait a while until you can get it).

Heart Piece 18: Bomb the Wall of Lanmola’s Lair, Yarna Desert


Prerequisites: Defeat Lanmola Miniboss, Bombs

Either fall into the quicksand where you fight the Lanmola Miniboss or find the staircase east of that battle arena and you will find a cracked wall in the leftmost room. Bomb the crack and find a heart piece inside.

Heart Pieces Available After Angler’s Tunnel

Completing the Angler’s Tunnel (part five) nets you the Flippers, allowing you to swim through and dive in deep water, making a further five heart pieces available to you.

Heart Piece 19: Dive in a Flooded Cave, Tal Tal Heights


Prerequisites: Flippers

You can swim right immediately after exiting the Angler’s Tunnel with the flipper item and find an opening in the wall leading to a water-filled cavern. A heart piece is visible under the surface of the water – dive to reach it (press B)

Heart Piece 20: Dive in the Moat, Kanalet Castle


Prerequisites: Flippers

Swim around the Kanalet Castle moat to the corner immediately west of the entrance and dive below the water to pick up the heart piece there.

Heart Piece 21: Dive in the Tunnel Connecting Ukuku Prairie and Animal Village


Prerequisites: Flippers

When you first come through this tunnel (after the key cavern) you have to sidestep the small patch of deep water immediately before the black barriers – return and dive for a heart piece.

Heart Piece 22: Jump the Pits and Dive in the Flooded Tunnel, Martha’s Bay


Prerequisites: Flippers

In the south west corner of Martha’s Bay is a patch of bushes beyond a line of pits. Clear a path using your ranged tools (or just jump and slash) and head for the steps.

(Note that both our map (and the one available in-game on which ours is based) place the icon for this heart piece approximately where the underground passage would be, rather than the entrance).


There is a heart piece to dive for halfway through the tunnel you enter. (It’s worth following this tunnel further, as you will find an inventory upgrade chamber down some steps)

Heart Piece 23: Dive in the Southern Waters, Martha’s Bay


Prerequisites: Flippers

(For the heart piece accessed via the stairs immediately below this stretch of water, please see heart piece 22).

There is a small limb of water in the south of Martha’s Bay where you find a submerged heart piece to dive for.

Heart Pieces Available After Catfish’s Maw

The Catfish’s Maw (part six) contains the hookshot, allowing you to cross the game’s largest chasms. This provides access to rooms and areas containing almost all of the game’s remaining heart pieces.

Heart Piece 24: Complete All Tier 2 Challenges, Dampé’s Shack


Prerequisites: Complete Catfish’s Maw dungeon

In any order, arrange and complete the Tier 2 Challenges (Key Hunter, Bomb’s Away!, Treasure Vault and Passageway Central) in Dampé’s dungeon designing minigame.

Heart Piece 25: Lift Rocks, Hookshot Across a Chasm, Mysterious Forest


Prerequisites: Power Bracelet, Hookshot

In the north east of the Mysterious Forest (by the path leading to Koholint Prairie) you may remember a log entrance hidden behind three rocks. Once you have the hookshot, you should return there.


Though you will be able to make it to the rupee-containign chest in the upper right with the Pegasus Boots alone, you will need to fire your hookshot to reach the stone in the upper left corner. Push the other stone down and grab your heart piece.

Heart Piece 26: Explore On the Rapids Ride, Raft Shop


Prerequisites: Hookshot

Talk to the Raft Shop Owner and select the Rapids Ride. Use your hookshot to travel as far west as possible (avoiding all waterfalls before the last available one) and head south. Disembark at the island with the heart piece.

Heart Piece 27: Use Your Hookshot While Returning For Another Go, Raft Shop


Prerequisites: Hookshot

Complete a ride on the rapids and you will be offered the chance to go again – decline and you will be free to float away- head left and follow the Raft Shop Owner via the cave he just disappeared into. At the top of the cave, hookshot to the two stones and grab the heart piece. Don’t jump down, otherwise you will have to loop back round again.

Heart Piece 28: Get Under 40 Seconds on the Rapids Race, Raft Shop


Prerequisites: Hookshot

Talk to the Raft Shop Owner in his shop and select the Rapids Race option. Achieve a time under 40 seconds and you’ll get a heart piece – the key is to use your hookshot to move faster than the currents (and in the right direction). Aim for under 35 seconds to also win a secret seashell

Heart Piece 29: Bombs and Hookshot Chasms, Animal Village


Prerequisites: Bombs, Hookshot

Heading north immediately before the entrance to Yarna Desert (same route as heart piece #17), bomb the wall in the northeast corner.


In the first room, rather than heading to the land to the left, there is a cracked wall in the upper right to bomb and go through first.


Follow the path round and you will find a low wall with two stones (one cracked, one solid) on the other side. Throw a bomb over to destroy the cracked stone.


Loop back to the entrance and head left and up to approach from the other side of the low wall. hookshot across the gap to claim the heart piece. Exit via the ledge .

Heart Piece 30: Bomb a Cracked Wall, Western Tal Tal Mountain Range


Prerequisites: Hookshot, Bombs

You can reach a good chunk of the Western Tal Tal Mountain Range long before you have to head there on the critical path, but when you do venture there (via the ladder east of the cliff face above the Angler’s Tunnel and west over the dilapidated bridge), you can find a cracked wall in a recess at the bottom of the first cave. Head right in the next room for a heart piece.

Heart Piece 31: Head Down a Sidepath, Western Tal Tal Mountain Range


Prerequisites: Hookshot

Heading even deeper into the Western Tal Tal Mountain Range you will drop down into a stone-strewn field with a cracked wall (leading to fiery plume that isn’t passable until quite late in the game). If you exit the field via the southwestern path, you will find a heart piece (and a drop back down to the Gopongo Swamp area).

Heart Pieces Available After Eagle’s Tower

The last heart piece in the game isn’t available until you venture into the last dungeon, Level 8 – Turtle Rock.

Heart Piece 32: Step Outside of the Dungeon to Cool Off, Turtle Rock


Prerequisites: Progress to (and in) Level 8 – Turtle Rock Dungeon

While exploring the northwest of the Turtle Rock dungeon (you will be searching for Small Keys to access the miniboss – more details in part nine of our guide), you will come across a room with stairs leading outside to the peak of the Turtle Rock.


A heart piece can be found here poking out of the grass on the peak.

Where is the Last Heart Container?

There is one final Heart Container to collect and you'll need to do something very specific in Dampé's Shack to get it. Read on to find out how to get it.

Final Heart Container: Complete Challenge Tiers One to Three, Dampé’s Shack


Prerequisites: Complete Turtle Rock Dungeon, Build and Finish Dampé’s First 11 Challenges

The reward for designing and completing the twelfth and final Tier Three dungeon in Dampé’s dungeon designing minigame is a Heart Container – if you’ve collected all pieces above, and all containers from the bosses you have fought up to now, this will be your twentieth and final heart.