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Cricket Jam is a hidden item in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars on SNES and Super Mario RPG on Switch.

Grabbing this item is an easy way to get some Frog Coins, and we'll be telling you where to find it, along with how many Frog Coins you'll get.

Super Mario RPG: Cricket Jam Key Item

What is Cricket Jam?

Cricket Jam is a key item, and while it might sound like an insect having a dance, it's not — it's the preserve 'Jam'. So it's food, basically.

If you remember near the beginning of the game, Mallow was delivering Cricket Pie to his grandfather, Frogfucius / Frog Sage. Turns out he's pretty fond of cricket-based food, and that goes for the Jam, too.

How to get Cricket Jam

Cricket Jam is in a treasure chest inside the Kero Sewers. However, you won't be able to access it when you first visit the dungeon. Instead, you'll need to get there from a hidden passage in Land's End, which you go through on the way to Monstro Town.

Once you get to Land's End, make your way through the dungeon until you reach the Sky Bridge — a bridge made up of multiple donut blocks. Instead of climbing the rocks to get to the bridge, head underneath it to reach a cave in the pillar. Jump in.

Once inside, follow the path around. When you reach a section with a Hidden Treasure and a Chow, head south down the steps to reach a new room. Follow the path in this new room and when you reach the end, drop down and use the trampoline to return to the Kero Sewers.

Once here, all you need to do is hop across the pillars to the west and hit the chest for the Jam.

What do I do with the Cricket Jam?

As we suggested above, the Cricket Jam should be taken to Frogfucius / Frog Sage at Tadpole Pond. You can head back there from the world map. Or, in the Switch remake, you can fast-travel there as soon as you get the Jam from the main menu.

Once at the Pond, hop back to the middle island and give the Jam to Mallow's grandfather.

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What rewards do I get for the Cricket Jam?

Giving the Jam to Frogfucius / Frog Sage rewards you with 10 Frog Coins, which is a pretty healthy number of green coins to spend at the store in Tadpole Pond or Seaside Town.

If you need to know more about Frog Coins, make sure you read through our guide to find out where to get them, and everything you can buy with them.

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