Super Mario RPG: Marrymore Walkthrough 9
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Welcome to our complete story walkthrough of Super Mario RPG on Nintendo Switch and SNES.

Mario and company have just trekked up Booster Tower and got through Booster Hill – and they met Bowser along the way, who joined their party. Now it’s time to visit Barrymore for the first time, where something quite sinister is going on behind closed doors…

Here’s our guide on Marrymore, how to enter the barricaded church, and how to defeat the boss that awaits you inside in Super Mario RPG.

Marrymore Walkthrough

As usual, when visiting a new town, you’ll want to check out the inn and the shop (in this town, they’re in the same building).

Hidden Treasure 22 - Marrymore Inn

There’s a Hidden Treasure chest inside the inn! Head to the second floor and enter the room here. Hop up onto the bookshelf at the southwest corner and jump up to find a chest with a Frog Coin inside.

Super Mario RPG: Marrymore Walkthrough 10
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Go back to the bottom floor and talk to the Toad to buy some upgraded gear and healing items. If you got the Chomp in Booster Tower, then you don’t have to buy the Chomp Shell from the shop as it is slightly weaker.

When you’re ready to progress the story, head up to the church and speak to any of the Toads to trigger a scene.

Super Mario RPG: Marrymore Walkthrough 11
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How to enter the church

Apparently, Booster’s wedding is in progress! A Snifit has barricaded the front door to prevent the townsfolk from entering. To circumvent this, head around to the right side of the church and enter the tower from behind to reveal a hidden entrance.

Super Mario RPG: Marrymore Walkthrough 12
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A Snifit will soon notice you and ask for your help in busting down the door to the wedding. You’ll need to run at the door and hit it at the same time the Snifit does to break it down. In the next area, Bowser will help you break this door in the exact same way.

Peach loses her crown and accessories during the break-in, and it’s up to you to collect each one by talking to each of the Snifits. Her crown is on Booster’s head, so make sure to take it from him. If you do this as fast as you can, you’ll get a kiss from Peach. Things escalate rather quickly from here…

Boss - Bundt

Before you can return to the Mushroom Kingdom, Booster’s attendants arrive with a huge cake they baked. Unfortunately, the cake is alive, and it’s actually a boss.

You need to approach this boss in a particular way, so if you're struggling, head over to our guide on How To Defeat Bundt.

When you regain control, save your progress if you like and then exit Marrymore. Peach will prompt you to return to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Super Mario RPG: Marrymore Walkthrough 15
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Revisiting the Mushroom Kingdom

You'll automatically return to the Mushroom Kingdom and find the Chancellor in his throne room. After the scene, head back outside and Peach will officially join your party!

Mallow will suggest that you go to Tadpole Pole to ask the Frog Sage about the Star Pieces.

Super Mario RPG: Marrymore Walkthrough 16
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Head on over to the pond and speak to the tadpole to spend some of your Frog Coins on items if you want, but there’s a shop coming up soon that has even better gear. You can pick up Tadpole Cola / Froggie Drinks for healing items that apply to the whole party too.

Make your way to the Frog Sage and he’ll tell you that another Star Piece has been sighted at a place called Star Hill, just beyond Marrymore. That’s your next destination!

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