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Like any good RPG, Super Mario RPG has some hidden, extremely powerful weapons and armor up for grabs. Mario's ultimate weapon is the Lazy Shell, which doesn't sound very powerful, but it is in fact the best weapon in the game.

Not only that, but this little quest will also net you one of the best pieces of armor, and we'll be covering the Lazy Shell armor here too.

Here's our guide on how to get Mario's best weapon, the Lazy Shell, as well as the Lazy Shell armor.

How to get the Lazy Shell

You can get the Lazy Shell from the gardener in Rose Town. He lives in the house through the northeast exist of town. However, you won't be able to get it until late in the game, not until you've reached Nimbus Land and liberated Nimbus Castle.

Super Mario RPG: How To Get The Lazy Shell, Mario's Best Weapon 2
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The gardener is searching for two different items — a Seed and some Fertilizer. You can pick both of these up during your adventure.

When you have both items, give them to the gardener, and a giant vine will grow. Climb it and open the treasure boxes to receive the Lazy Shell and the… Lazy Shell. One is a weapon for Mario, and the other is armor.

Where to find the Seed

The Seed can be found in Bean Valley. In fact, it's basically unmissable!

After defeating Megasmilax, the Shy Away that was watering the Piranha Plant will run away and drop a Seed on the floor. Pick it up for your first item.

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Where to find Fertilizer

After defeating Valentina and returning to Nimbus Land, leave Croco's house in the southeast corner of the map and follow an invisible path off the cloud towards the southeast.

Here, you'll find a Shy Away who gives you some Fertilizer when you talk to him.

What is the Lazy Shell?

The Lazy Shell is actually two different items — one is a weapon, and the other is a piece of armor.


The Lazy Shell weapon is Mario's best weapon, and it's much bigger than the other shell weapons in the game. It can do a high amount of physical damage, but sometimes it might do a little less than you're expecting.

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The Lazy Shell armor is an incredibly strong piece of armor, and is one of the few pieces of armor that every single party member can wear.

The armor doesn't just boost [physical defense, however: it also makes the wearer immune to status effects and elemental-based attacks. This all sounds extremely good, but it does come with a drawback — it reduces the user's attack, magic attack, and speed.

Who is the Lazy Shell armor best for?

Bearing in mind that the Lazy Shell armor reduces the wearer's speed and attack stats, you might be put off of using it. But you shouldn't.

In fact, we highly recommend equipping the Lazy Shell on Peach. For many of the game's later battles, Peach will essentially be on constant healing duty, and her healing spells aren't affected by the stat decreases of the armor. This means she will survive most fights unless she happens to be hit by a one-hit KO move.

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