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Super Mario RPG's toughest challenge doesn't come from a boss fight, nor does it come from a tricky puzzle, oh no.

To get one of the best items in the whole game, you need to overcome a jumping challenge barrier unlike any other. Whether you're playing the SNES version, Legend of the Seven Stars, or the Switch remake, we'll be giving you all of the tips you need on how to overcome this challenge.

Here's our guide on how to get the best piece of armor in Super Mario RPG.

Super Mario RPG: How to get the best armor in the game

What is the best armor in the game?

The Super Suit is the best armor in Super Mario RPG. This piece of armor grants a stat bonus of 30 to every single stat, and any character can wear the suit, too.

Where do I get the best armor in the game?

You can get the Super Suit in Monstro Town from a friendly Chow monster on the second floor of the second house on the far left.

The Chow tracks how many consecutive Super Jumps you've done, and jumping a certain number of times will get you prizes.

How do I get the best armor?

To get the Super Suit, you need to do a staggering 100 Super Jumps consecutively. That means 100 jumps on a single foe in one go. Ouch.

Once you have managed to hit 100, go and speak to the Chow in Monstro Town and he will reward you handsomely with this piece of armor.

How to do a Super Jump

Super Jump is a Special attack that Mario learns at level 6. It costs 7 Flower Points and allows you to do consecutive jump attacks on a single foe up to 100 times. You can affect how much damage the Super Jump can do by increasing Mario's Magic Attack stat.

You need to press the 'A' button just as Mario's feet land on the enemy's head to trigger the next jump.

Super Mario RPG: How To Do 100 Super Jumps & Get The Best Armor In The Game 2
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Super Mario RPG: Super Jump Tips

Here are some tips that we have to help you get to the elusive 100 consecutive Super Jumps.

Don't equip the Jump Shoes

The Jump Shoes allow you to use Jump attacks on any enemy in the game. There are a handful of creatures that are immune to Jump, so these are good for dealing with them.

But we don't want to defeat monsters when we're doing this, so don't put them on. If you're doing this at the end of the game, you probably won't have the shoes equipped anymore, anyway.

Find a Spikey

Without the Jump Shoes on, we need to find an enemy that is immune to Jump attacks. This means we can try and use Super Jump on the enemy as many times as we want without doing any damage to the enemy.

Spikeys can be found in Mushroom Way, Bandit's Way, Pipe Vault, and Booster Pass. Spikesters are also found in Booster Pass, while Urspike / Oerlikon can be found in Barrel Volcano.

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Watch Mario's feet

Yes... as strange as that sounds, Mario's feet are what you should focus on while Super Jumping.

You need to press the A button right around the time Mario's feet make contact with the enemy. Easier said than done 100 times in a row, but this is the easiest way to track the timing of the jumps.

Practice, practice...

This one's obvious, but practice does make perfect, and the more you practice, the more likely you are to get all of those Super Jumps you need.

FP healing items are relatively cheap, particularly in the late game, and there are plenty of Inns to stay in across the world. Or you could just fast travel back to Mario's Pad for free healing.

Super Mario RPG: How To Do 100 Super Jumps & Get The Best Armor In The Game 6
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Be patient

Really, the main thing you're going to need is patience. 100 Super Jumps takes minutes of long, hard concentration. You're going to fail. And you're definitely not going to get 100 Super Jumps on the first try (but if you do, we'll eat our hat)

So really, just keep trying, take breaks, and try and focus.

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