Super Mario RPG: All Bosses List 1
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Super Mario RPG has many boss battles lying in wait for players as they adventure around the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond.

Some foes may be familiar to Mario and friends, while there are plenty of new faces for the plumber to take on.

In this guide, we'll be listing every single boss you can fight in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars and any Switch-exclusive bosses.

Super Mario RPG Boss Guide

Here is a list of all of the main bosses in the SNES and Switch versions of the game.

Super Mario RPG Boss List (Switch / SNES)

Super Mario RPG: All Bosses List 3
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We've listed the bosses below in the order that you will face them as part of the story. We've obscured the name of the final boss here for those who want to be surprised. Note, we've not included the Prologue fight against Bowser, as that's really just a tutorial boss.

In cases where the boss has been given a new name in the remake, we have listed their new name first, with the SNES name second.

Super Mario RPG: All Bosses List 2
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All optional bosses (Switch / SNES)

There are a couple of optional bosses available in both the SNES and Switch version.

Note: We have obscured one of the boss's names for spoiler reasons!

All post-game boss rematches (Switch only)

There are a handful of Switch-exclusive boss fights that are only available once you have beaten the main game and rolled credits. These can only be accessed on a clear save file and can only be fought if you have defeated every single boss listed above, including the optional bosses.

We've listed the bosses below in respect of their location and not named them to prevent spoilers for newcomers and returning players.

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