In addition to the suite of tools and elements contained in the level editor, Super Mario Maker 2 also features a substantial Story Mode in its own right. For those who don't have the creative urge, Story Mode features over 100 levels crafted to showcase the possibilities of the toolbox; a perfect source of inspiration when designing your own courses.

Following a mishap involving Undodog and the Reset Rocket, it's up to Mario to pay for the reconstruction of Peach's Castle. Some contractor Toads have been called in and Courses, or 'Jobs', must be completed to earn coins and rebuild the Princess' abode. Extra tasks assigned by various characters you'll recognise from the Course Maker earn you coins or costumes for your Mii and there are also a couple of unlockable items to use while creating your levels.

Progress is fairly self-explanatory (and not super challenging if you've got any Mario platforming experience under your toolbelt). Jobs and characters appear as you collect coins and pay the Chief to construct of different parts of the Castle. You don't have to complete every level to see credits, although there are bonus unlocks for doing so.


Below you'll find answers to your most pressing questions, plus instructions for how to get the items and outfits you're after.

Let's-a go!

Where is Undodog?

Very definitely not a good boy, Undodog launched the Reset Rocket which got you into this mess. He's found just to the left of the Castle Entrance (where the Chief and the Taskmaster are). He'll gift you the Reset Dress Mii Outfit upon completion of 'Chain Chomp Chiller', the final of his three jobs.

Once the Castle's finished, Undodog will tell you jokes for 100 coins-a-pop. He doesn't deserve a dime.


Where is Mr. Eraser?

Mr. Eraser is eventually found to the east of the Castle. Completing his jobs will encourage him to erase the surrounding blocks, enabling you to take the Red Pipe down to meet Partrick. Finish his final job, 'Target: A Single Pom Pom', and you'll get the Refreshing Shirt Mii Outfit.

Where is Partrick?

Head down the Red Pipe that Mr. Eraser unlocked for you to find Partrick hiding in a set of blocks. In return for completing his three jobs, he'll reveal a boring '?' block in the Castle, a more interesting 'secret' block that leads to Soundfrog (head as far east as possible and jump above the red flower) and he'll gift you the Partrick Shirt Mii Outfit. After that you'll probably never visit him again. Poor Partrick.

Where is Soundfrog?

Climbing the vine that springs from the secret block Partrick revealed, Soundfrog will come out of his cloud and offer you three (how did you guess?) jobs once you've made sufficient progress with the Castle below. Completing his first challenge, 'Cheep Cheep Maze', will cause flowers to bloom around the grounds. Finishing his second job will beautify the background with some mountains, while his third and final challenge unlocks the Frog Cap Mii Outfit.

Frog Cap

Where is Yamamura?

Helpful pigeon, tutor and dojo leader Yamamura appears in three different locations. Firstly, you'll find him to the west of the Castle once you've built (and fired) the West Hall Cannon. Secondly, he'll pop out of the East Hall Door as you come out. Finally, he'll take a rest in Undodog's Dry Bones shell house and completing his third job will (predictably) net you the Yamamura Shirt Mii Outfit.

Where is Coursebot?

Once you've rescued the Purple Toad for the final time he'll challenge you to clear the pipe clogged by a blue Piranha Creeper. Completing his level will give you access to the underground where Coursebot is stuck, but you'll need the Super Hammer to reach him (complete the Castle to unlock the Super Hammer - see below).

Once appropriately equipped, head down the Green Pipe, approach the blocks and press 'A' at the prompt to break through them and find Coursebot's undercarriage stuck in the ceiling. Give him a few knocks (easy!) and he'll reboot - head back to the surface to chat with the 'bot if you want to watch the opening or closing videos (or the credits) again.

How do I get the Super Hammer?


Simply complete the Castle to unlock the Super Hammer item (you'll also get the Builder Hard Hat and Builder Mario Outfit to put on your Mii).

The Super Hammer - only available in the Super Mario 3D World style - enables you smash through hard blocks by hitting 'X' or 'Y'. Pressing 'Up' at the same time summons a box that you can stand on, throw or otherwise make use of as you see fit (up to five crates can be fabricated). Princess Peach's first job, 'Let's Go, Builder Mario!' is a good introduction to the power of the Super Hammer.

How do I get the Superball Flower?

To unlock the Superball Flower you'll need to complete the Castle and talk to Purple Toad to the west. Complete his Spiny Shell Smashers job and he'll smash the hard blocks giving you access to the ? Blocks - the centre one contains the Superball Flower to use in Course Maker (it's a variant on the Fire Flower, so hold down on that item to access it). You'll also get the Superball Mario Hat and the Superball Mario Suit for your Mii to wear.

Check out the video to see exactly what the Super Hammer and the Superball Flower do:

How do I build the big Mario Statue?

If you talk to the Chief after the Castle is finished, she'll offer to construct something for you for a mere 1000 coins. Pocket change! Cough up the coin and she'll start work on the Builder Mario Statue to the west of the Castle. As you should now expect from these wily Toads (are they really allowing themselves to get kidnapped?), she'll fleece you nine more times if you want the statue completed. Tsk. Always the same with builders - stretching a week-long job over a fortnight!


The only thing you can do with the statue is admire it from afar, so we won't spoil that for you with a pic.

How do I unlock the Princess Peach Mii Outfits?

Once the Castle's completed Princess Peach will have some jobs for you (dispensed via Taskmaster, of course - obviously she wouldn't associate with the lowly labourers herself). Completing 'Let's Go, Builder Mario!' unlocks the Princess Peach Dress Mii Outfit, and finishing her second job gets you the Princess Peach Wig. Her third and final job is reserved for when you've completed all other jobs and finished building the Mario Statue - polishing off the lot after paying Chief Toadette in full will earn you the Princess Peach Tennis Outfit (as well as the Robot Cap and Robot Suit).

Find out how to unlock every Mii Costume in the game with our guide.

How do I change characters?

Unfortunately, it's not possible to switch characters in Story Mode, so you're stuck with Mario. However, if you want to play as either Luigi, Toad or Toadette outside this mode, you can switch at any time by pressing '+' and selecting Settings (the little wrench icon in the middle of the bottom row). From there, you can change between characters at will. Not in Story Mode, though.

What's the best way to earn coins quickly?

Completing the jobs available should keep grinding for coins to a minimum, but you may find you'll need to go back and farm more to pay off Chief Toadette. Several courses offer decent returns, but for our money the best is job 70, 'Freezing Rain'. It's a short level that tests your Long Jump skills and taking the right route can net you 80 coins per run.

What does Luigi do?

Although not playable, Luigi will pop up after you die a couple of times and offer his services. Generally the game is quite forgiving, but if you're having trouble with a specific course, tap the 'Parts' clapperboard which appears in the bottom left corner and you'll be given a limited palette of elements to help you get through the level.

If you lose all your lives, you get the option to 'Call Luigi' and have him complete the level for you (off screen). You even receive payment when Luigi finishes the 'job', although the little completion flag next to the course name will be Luigi's green one.

Can I play co-op in Story Mode?

Nope - unfortunately, it's not possible to play through Story Mode with a friend in local co-op.

That's all for now. Let us know if you've got any questions in the comments and we'll do our best to find the answers.