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Centiskorch should be scared of this one. Pokémon Scarlet & Violet have a long red insect to rival Galar's big flat centipede, but it won't have to worry with us on the job.

This next step in the Path of Legends story — the third if you're doing them in the recommended order — will go down in no time with our help.

Here's how to find and beat The Lurking Steel Titan.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Path of Legends - How To Beat The Lurking Steel Titan

How to find The Lurking Steel Titan

Found deep in East Province (Area Three), you'll need to look down — not up — for The Lurking Steel Titan.

If you're leaving via Levincia City, follow the path until you get to the mining area, and continue to follow it around until you're underneath the middle section of the dirt area.

Then, head north towards the Area's Watchtower, and you'll find a mined area which has been fenced off. Look down and you might spot a big red head peeping out of the ground. That's your Titan.

If you approach the head, it will bury itself underground and reappear nearby. Do this a few times before it gets ready to fight you.

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How to beat Orthworm, The Lurking Steel Titan

Orthworm is a pure Steel-type, making it susceptible to Fighting and Fire moves. Orthworm is not weak to Ground (unlike other Steel Pokémon) due to its special ability, which makes it immune. So don't bring Clodsire or use Ground-type moves.

Crocalor makes this a very easy fight, as does Charcadet, Growlithe, Makuhita, and Pawmo. Orthworm does come with some Ground-type moves, however, so you might want to use a Pokémon that can resist these instead — Floragato could be good for this.

Phase one is the same as always — beat up the worm until it's taken enough damage, and it'll run away. What's different is that you'll need to chase Orthworm a bit further away.

The Steel Pokémon will make a hole in the area, and you need to chase it through there to a much bigger open area. Once again, you'll spot its head popping out of the ground. Follow it and then it'll eat a herb to make itself stronger, but not before Arven joins you.

Once again, utilise your Pokémon's strengths to take down the Titan Orthworm, and you can sneak in a Terastallization if you need the boost. You'll get a Herba Mystica after all that fuss!

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We weren't expecting to be miners to find this Pokémon, but this is the most interesting take on Whack-a-Mole we've seen! Let us know if you found this walkthrough helpful, and find out where you can find more Pokémon, battles, items, and more, by checking out the rest of our Pokémon Scarlet and Violet walkthrough guides.