Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: The False Dragon Titan 1
Image: Alana Hagues

The False Dragon Titan is easily the most difficult of the Titan Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. In fact, you're not fighting just one Titan this time around...

As a result of the challenge, we recommend making this one of the last objectives you complete, but if you like a challenge (and water), be our guests and head on over here as soon as you want.

Here's how to find and beat The False Dragon Titan.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Path of Legends - How To Beat The False Dragon Titan

How to find The False Dragon Titan

You'll find the False Dragon making its home on a small island in Lake Casseroya. Your Koraidon or Miraidon will need to know how to swim in order to reach this faker.

The island you're looking for is the most northeastern in the lake, so it might be quite a distance to get to, especially if you're coming from the south. If you're coming from Glaseado Mountain, it takes a bit less time, and you can glide from the northern cliffs.

The island you need is just above a tiny long island, and east of a much larger island.

Weirdly enough, you're looking for something quite small on the shores — a little red Pokémon floating. Interact with it to witness the little fella get eaten by your real opponent.

How to beat Dondozo, The False Dragon Titan

Dondozo is a tanky Water-type with high defenses and a lot of health. Electric-type and Grass-Type will be your best friends for this fight — Meowscarada, Bellibolt, Arboliva, Eelektrik, and other similar Pokémon are excellent allies. (Ignore the Pokémon choice in our chosen screens here... we realised our mistake very quickly.)

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: The False Dragon Titan 4
Image: Alana Hagues

Like every Titan fight, things start off the same. Take its health down to near-red, and it will swim away. Now you have to search the lake in order to challenge it again. Luckily, it hasn't gone far.

Swim west to the larger island nearby, and head to the north side of it where you'll find some shallow rock. You'll see your little red friend again, who you'll need to examine to start another fight.

Dondozo is a little easier with Arven at your side, but it'll still take some persistence to take it down, especially now that it's powered up.

Once you beat this gigantic fish, things aren't quite over yet.

How to beat Tatsugiri, The False Dragon Titan

There are two Titan Pokémon? And, well, what damage can a sushi dragon do to you? Potentially a lot...

So Tatsugiri is the true Titan Pokémon here, A Dragon/Water type doesn't leave a lot of room for weaknesses — Fairy is an excellent choice to bring, so Tinkaton, Dachsbun, and Gardevoir will all be very useful here. You can also bring a Dragon type if you're feeling brave — Haxorus, Baxcalibur, Drakloak, and Salamence work, but they will also be weak to Tatsugiri's Dragon-type moves.

Fortunately, this little sushi Pokémon will be much easier than Dondozo. Once you've gobbled up your foe, you'll get a Herba Mystica.

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