Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Poison Crew Base - Team Star 1
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Poison-type Pokémon are often silent but deadly, and throughout the series, the type has often been associated with bugs and ninjas. And Pokémon Scarlet & Violet is keeping that tradition with the Navi Squad

As the recommended third stop on Starfall Street, the Poison Team relies on status effects and unusual Pokémon to combat opponents. It's a good thing we're here, then.

Here's our guide on how to take over the Poison Crew Base and how to beat The Navi Squad and their leader, Atticus.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Guide: Starfall Street - How To Beat The Poison Crew

How to get to Team Star's Poison Base

You'll find Atticus and the Poison Crew hiding in Tagtree Thicket, which you can get to through East Province (Area Three).

From Levincia, head north until you get to the dirt area. Then, head all the way west to the northwest Pokémon Center, which is northeast of Zapapico. You'll see the thicket from the Pokémon Center.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Poison Crew Base - Team Star 2
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You'll be ambushed by Clive as you enter, and then be taken straight to the base. You don't have to approach it right away, but why wouldn't you?

A young Pokémon trainer will attempt to stop you from entering the base, armed with a level 30 Gulpin and level 31 Shroodle. Good Ground or Psychic-types are necessary for the fights ahead and are perfect here, but a Fighting-type won't hurt either with Shroodle's Normal typing.

After the fight, you can enter the base and start a Star Barrage.

Star Barrage - How to beat The Navi Squad

Once again, Clodsire makes a really great choice for the Poison Squad's base thanks to it being part Ground-type. Sandaconda, Dugtrio, Armarouge, and Farigiraf are other options for great Ground or Psychic-type Pokémon.

You'll have 10 minutes to take out 30 Pokémon in the base using Let's Go. Just keep sending your Pokémon out using the 'R' button and keep an eye on their health. If your Pokémon's health gets low, make sure you heal up at one of the bending machines scattered around the base.

When you've defeated 30 Pokémon, Atticus will appear in a puff of smoke and you'll have to challenge them.

How to beat Atticus, the Poison Crew Boss

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Poison Crew Base - Team Star 8
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Atticus has double the team compared to previous Team Star bosses, meaning they're not pushing around. You can bring a Fire-type to help deal with the first Revavroom if you're running short of moves, and Ground-type is a must against Skuntank.

Pokémon Level Type
Skuntank Lvl 32


Revavroom Lvl 33 Poison/Steel
Muk Lvl 33 Poison
Revavroom (Navi Starmobile) Lvl 32 Poison

Poison Crew Base Rewards

Overcome Atticus, and you'll get some LP points, crafting materials, and TM102 Gunk Shot.

Atticus may have been a step-up, but Starfall Street isn't ending just yet. Let us know if you're finding our Pokémon Scarlet & Violet walkthrough guides useful, and keep reading on for more help!