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Next up in our Pokémon Scarlet & Violet guide for Victory Road is the Ghost-type gym, often a formidable type in the Pokémon world.

Tucked away near the top of Glaseado Mountain, Montenevera Gym is the sixth gym in our recommended order on the path to becoming a Champion. It's a small, cosy town that makes a lot of noise, so make sure you've brought your best.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Guide: Victory Road - How To Get The Ghost Badge

How to get to Montenevera Gym

As the most northerly gym in the Paldea region, there are lots of ways to get to Montenevera. If you're coming straight from Medali, then you can head east from the town towards Glaseado Mountain (follow the signs!) and begin to ascend, towards the first Pokémon Center.

From there, head northeast and continue up the mountain path — you're going the right way if the path is windy. Then, you'll soon reach Montenevera at the top.

Another way you can get to the town is by going north through the Dalizapa passage. Follow the mountain path up past Glaseado Gym, down the slope. Keep following the faint snowy path around until you reach a small bridge, and soon after crossing it, you'll be at your destination.

You'll find the gym in the southeast corner of the town, up a few flights of stairs, and right by a concert stage. Head inside and talk to the receptionist to get warmed up.

Gym Test - Warm Up The Audience For Ryme's Concert

The stage by the gym is where you'll need to go to complete your Gym Test — talk to MC Sledge in front of the stage to start warming up the crowd for your gym battle with the leader and the rap sensation, Ryme!

You'll take part in three back-to-back gym battles, and all of them are Double Battles. Ghost-type Pokémon are weak to themselves — so other, quick Ghost-types are a good bet here. They're also weak to Dark-types. And while Ghost-types are immune to Normal and Fighting-types, don't forget, Normal-type Pokémon are immune to Ghost moves, too.

If you knock out one of the trainer's Pokémon, you get an attack boost. If one of your Pokémon is knocked out, your opponent gets a stat boost.

Trainer Pokémon #1 Pokémon #2
Tas Lvl 40 Shuppet Lvl 40 Greavard
Lani Lvl 40 Haunter Lvl 40 Misdreavus
MC Sledge Lvl 40 Sableye Lvl 40 Drifblim

For MC Sledge's Pokémon, bring a 'mon with Fairy-type moves to counter Sableye's alarming number of resistances. If you have a Tinkaton, Dachsbun, or Gardevoir (with high speed), these will help. If you're struggling with Drifblim, Electric, Ice, or Rock will help give you an extra (stone) edge.

Once you've beaten all three trainers, the crowd are suitably pumped for a rap battle for the ages. Talk to the receptionist at the gym as soon as you're ready to start.

How To Beat Gym Leader Ryme, The Ghost-type Gym Leader

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The MC of RIP is fresh and ready to take you on. Just like the Test before, this will be a Double Batte; if you knock out a Pokémon in Ryme's team, you'll get a stat boost from the team, but if Ryme knocks out one of your team out, she'll get a boost.

Bring your strongest Dark-types such as Lokix, Bisharp, and Mabosstiff to the battlefield. Tinkaton or Orthworm's Steel-type moves will help with Mimikyu, while Clodsire, Donphan, and Gabite's Ground-type will be good in a pinch against Ryme's Terastalizing ace — Toxtricity.

Pokémon Level Type Tera Type
Banette Lvl 41 Ghost N/A
Mimikyu Lvl 41 Ghost/Fairy N/A
Lvl 41
Toxtricity Lvl 42 Electric/Poison Ghost

Montenevera Gym Rewards

Beat Ryme, and you'll get the Ghost Badge and TM114 Shadow Ball.

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