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The next part of your Pokémon Scarlet & Violet journey is here, and on Victory Road, we'll be tackling the Normal-type gym in this walkthrough!

Found in a small restaurant town, Medali Gym will potentially be your fifth gym — if you're following our recommended order. It's another trial with plenty of battling, so bring your best potions, or perhaps check out the local eateries!

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Guide: Victory Road - How To Get The Normal Badge

How to get to Medali Gym

There are two main ways you can get to Medali Gym. One way involves going west from Levincia through East Province (Area Three) to the mining town Zapapico, and northwest towards Dalizapa Passage. You'll know you're going the right way when it starts snowing. Follow the tunnels through to West Province (Area Three), head down the slope, and you'll see Medali in the distance.

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The other way to reach the city is by going through the Asado Desert (from Cascarrafa) and towards Porto Marinada to get to West Province (Area Two). From Porto Marinada, head northwest across a bridge, and continue following the path across a second bridge through a small part of Casseroya Lake. Once you cross over the second bridge, then you'll be in West Province (Area Three) and right by Medali.

Medali Gym is right at the north edge of town, bang in the middle of the east and west exits. Head inside, and talk to the receptionist.

Gym Test - Order the secret menu item

For a town all about food, it makes complete sense your test is about food — ordering the secret menu item at the Treasure Eatery, the town's most popular restaurant. You're given one clue — "how the regulars season their dishes". To get more clues, you must beat other challengers to take their clues from them. Any Fighting-type Pokémon will serve you well for any and all of these fights.

The first trainer is a small kid standing right next to some ice cream stands and outside tables. She has a level 34 Gumshoos and a level 34 Greedent. Her clue is to look for "the odd one out at one of the ice cream stands". At the nearby stand on the right, you'll spot six ice cream flavours, and then a seventh item — Grilled Rice Balls.

The next clue is from a student girl standing next to the gym. Beat her level 34 Ursaring and she'll tell you to look for "a dark spot surrounded by stairs", which she's handily standing right next to.

Go down the steps of the amphitheatre and examine the grated door to find some faint writing that says "Fire Blast"

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The last clue is from a student down one of the streets. He's standing next to two benches, and you'll need to beat his level 34 Dunsparce to get his clue.

He'll advise you to listen to "the blue bird Pokémon". You should've walked past a person with a blue Squakabilly on their head. Stand there until they shout out the clue.

You still need one more clue, but you can get it at the restaurant. Treasure Eatery is on the east side of town, right next to the Pokémon Center. Head inside, and talk to the Office Worker sitting at the bar, who tells you what seasoning you need to ask for — Lemon.

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Once you have all four answers, talk to the man wearing the green apron at the front of the restaurant, and select the following four options:

  • Grilled rice balls
  • Medium serving
  • Extra crispy, Fire Blast style
  • Lemon

And that's the challenge completed. Talk to the waiter to take on your surprising gym leader — you've already met him, in fact.

How To Beat Gym Leader Larry, The Normal-type Gym Leader

Pokémon Scarlet Violet Normal Gym 12
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Larry is called the Exception Everyman for a reason — we didn't even suspect he was the leader here! Normal-type Pokémon don't have many weaknesses, but they are susceptible to Fighting-type moves. If you picked Quaxly at the start, and your duck has fully evolved into Quaquaval, then you're in luck. Pawmo or Pawmot are also great additions, as is Primeape or its new evolution.

Larry's Staraptor may Terastallize into a Normal-type, but its Flying moves can counteract your brawlers. Garganacl is sturdy enough to take those hits.

Pokémon Level Type Tera Type
Komala Lvl 35 Normal N/A
Dudunsparce Lvl 35 Normal N/A
Lvl 36

Medali Gym Rewards

Overcome Larry, and he'll give you the Normal Badge and TM025 Facade.

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