Hyper Training Scarlet and Violet
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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Bottle Caps are your ticket to hyper training and higher IV levels. Hyper training is an endgame activity that mostly benefits competitive players, but if you want to get as much as possible from your favorite Paldea Pokémon, this is the way to do it.

This guide explains how to get Bottle Caps and what Hyper Training involves.

How to get Bottle Caps in Scarlet and Violet

You can purchase Bottle Caps from Delibird Presents once you have at least six Gym Badges. If you’re following our recommended order, that would be after you complete the Montenevera Gym battle.

All branches of Delibird Presents will stock Bottle Caps at this point, and the only limit is how much money you have to spend. One Bottle Cap costs you 20,000 Poké Dollars, so think carefully before deciding which Pokémon to use them on. Grabbing the Amulet Coin early and giving it to a Pokémon during major battles, including Gym battles and Gym battle repeats, is definitely recommended.

You may also find Bottle Caps among the item drops in 6-star Raids.

Gold Bottle cap in Scarlet and Violet
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How to get Gold Botlte Caps

You can exchange Gold Bottle Caps to max out all of one Pokémon’s IVs, but these items are exceptionally rare. You can only find them at random in the Port Marinada Auction House. Bear in mind that the prices for auction items can often soar into the hundreds of thousands, so make sure to bring plenty of cash along if you spot a Gold Bottle Cap.

How does Hyper Training in Scarlet and Violet work?

How to get Bottle Caps in Scarlet and Violet
Image: Nintendo Life

Hyper Training is Poké-speak for increasing a Pokémon’s IV in a given stat. IV stands for Individual Value. These determine a Pokémon’s stats and are separate from Effort Values. Effort Values enhance stats the more times that Pokémon battles, while Individual Values are static values determined when the game generates a Pokémon.

IVs are why you can catch, for example, two Psyduck of the same level and nature and still see differences in stats.

An NPC in Montenevera, near the trees next to the Pokémon Center, will max out one of your Pokémon’s IVs in exchange for one Bottle Cap or all of a Pokémon’s IVs in exchange for one Gold Bottle Cap. Your Pokémon must be level 50 or higher for the NPC to agree to training them.

The benefit of doing this is that it raises the stat ceiling for your Pokémon, but the game treats Hyper Trained IVs as distinct from naturally high IVs. That means these levels won’t be passed down through Pokémon breeding.

Since Bottle Caps are so expensive, it’s worth starting with your Pokémon’s most important stats first – Special Attack for a Psychic type, for example – and then branching out to others.

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