Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: How To Get Spiritomb 1
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One of the most infamous Pokémon, Spiritomb is a pretty rare Pokémon in the Paldea region. it's always been pretty hard to catch, but with the scope of Scarlet & Violet's world, pinning down where Spiritomb spawns can be tricky. But not with us on hand.

Here's where to catch Spiritomb in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: How To Get Spiritomb

Where to find Spiritomb

You might notice that Spiritomb's habitat doesn't show up in the Pokédex when you look for it. which is a little bit annoying! But it's got a few locked-in spawn points that we know about.

So far, we've spotted Spiritomb in two locations at Glaseado Mountain and one at Casseroya Lake (though still in a snowy area). It's a rare spawn at all of these spots, and even though there's a chance you can spot it during the day, it's much more common at night.

If it doesn't appear initially, keep leaving the area and returning, and it should eventually spawn.

Location #1

You can find Spiritomb south of Glaseado Gym. There is a small set of ruins on the mountains, fairly out in the open.

If you have Koraidon/Miraidon's glide ability, this is an easy one to reach, but you'll easily spot these ruins on the map (or in the distance) if you're riding your mount Pokémon up or down the mountain.

Location #2

There's a chance you'll spot Spiritomb in the northeast corner of Glaseado Mountain. It's just right of the river, and just south of the small green patch in the north-ish corner of Paldea.

If you can climb, you can make quick work of getting to this location — which is close to a Tera Raid Crystal. Spiritomb will be on one of the smaller cliffs down the side of the mountain.

Location #3

Another spawn location for Spiritomb is to the far west of the Glaseado Mountain Pokémon Center on the snowy point of the mountain that's in the Casseroya Lake region. You can see the Socorrat Trail from this part of the map.

Spiritomb spawns near the very tip of the mountain, so you'll spot it quickly if it's there.

How to increase your chances of finding Spiritomb

Sandwiches are your friend here. Some sandwiches and ingredients increase the spawn rate of certain types of Pokémon. Ideally, since Spiritomb is Ghost/Dark, you want a sandwich that increases the spawn rate of Ghost and Dark-type Pokémon.

Some great examples of good sandwiches include the Great Hefty Sandwich, the Ultra Hefty Sandwich, the Classic Bocadillo, the Ultra Decadent Sandwich, the Great Tower Sandwich, and the Ultra Tropical Sandwich. Essentially, any sandwich that has one (or two) of these abilities will help:

  • Encounter Power: Dark
  • Encounter Power: Ghost
  • Catching Power: Dark
  • Catching Power: Ghost

How to catch Spiritomb

Spiritomb isn't just hard to find — it's also a pain to catch. You'll need your best Poké Balls — Ultra, Quick, Dusk, and Timer — to catch this. If you've eaten a sandwich that's boosted your catch rate, then this should be a bit easier.

If your Quick Ball doesn't work, try to weaken Spiritomb — it's only weak to Fairy-type moves, so a weaker move of that type should help a little. You can also inflict status effects to help even more.

If you happen to knock it out, it will eventually respawn if you keep revisiting the area.

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Image: Nintendo Life

One a pain, always a pain, right Spiritomb? Let us know how you're finding our Pokémon Scarlet & Violet walkthrough and keep on reading for more tips and tricks!