Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Gimmighoul Coins - What Are They For? 1
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When you're wandering around the Paldea region in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, you'll find lots of collectibles and items just out there in the wild. But none are more unusual than Gimmighoul Coins.

You might be wondering what these are for and why you need to collect them. Here's what you need to do with Gimmighoul Coins, and where you can find them in Paldea.

What are Gimmighoul Coins?

Gimmighoul Coins are collectibles that are carried by Wandering Form Gimmighoul throughout the Paldea region. To pick up the coins, just walk up to a Gimmighoul, interact with it, and you'll add some coins to your bag.

They're also dropped by Chest Form Gimmighoul if you defeat them in battle.

How to find Gimmighoul Coins

Finding Gimmighoul in the wild can be quite tricky as they're really small, but there's a slightly easier way to find them.

When you're close to a Gimmighoul, they make a very distinctive sound that sounds like rattling and tinkling metal. Take a close look around the area to see if you can spot the little grey guy.

Where to find Gimmighoul Coins

Gimmighoul Coins can be found basically everywhere in the Paldea region. Luckily, there are a few spots where Gimmighoul is most common, and they respawn over time too, so there's a limitless number of them out there in the world.

Like the Chest Form, Wandering Form Gimmighoul can be found in pretty much every single ruin and watchtower in the region. Look for them in corners, inside boxes, grates, doorways, and even on top of pillars.

Another common place to find this wandering Pokémon is on top of signs! If you spot a road sign, stop, take a listen and look around to see if you can spot Gimmighoul. You can also spot the critters on top of rocks, on cliffsides, and even tucked behind buildings across the region.

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Image: Nintendo Life

The four Lighthouses as well as Pokémon Centers always seem to hide a Gimmighoul or two, as well. Check on top of the roof, behind any benches, people, or lampposts.

Wandering Form Gimmighoul will give you anywhere between one and three Coins. Defeating a Chest Form Gimmighoul gets you 50 Coins. There's also a person in Medali who will give you some coins for free.

What are Gimmighoul Coins for?

Gimmighoul Coins are needed to evolve Gimmoghoul into Gholdengo. You'll need 999 of them before you can get your Coin Chest Pokémon to evolve. You can find out how to get your own landboarding metallic ghost in our handy guide.

Gimmighoul Coins are everywhere, but that's okay with us because they're quite cute! Let us know if you found this walkthrough helpful, and find out where you can find more Pokémon, battles, items, and more, by checking out the rest of our Pokémon Scarlet and Violet walkthrough guides.