Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Fairy Crew Base - Team Star 1
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Fairy-type is often seen as cute and cuddly, but with the ability to take Dragon-types down, they're more than fitting for a villainous team. and Pokémon Scarlet & Violet is letting them have their time in the 'evil' sunlight'.

Ortega's team is a big step up from Atticus', if you're following the recommended order, but we can blow away that magical fairy dust and help you seize victory.

Here's our guide on how to take over the Fairy Crew Base and how to beat The Ruchbah Squad and their leader, Ortega.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Guide: Starfall Street - How To Beat The Fairy Crew

How to get to Team Star's Fairy Base

On the map, the Fairy Base is very easy to spot, as it's the northernmost objective. It takes up a large chunk of North Province (Area Three), and is best accessed from Glaseado Mountain.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Fairy Crew Base - Team Star 2
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You can either follow the path northwest and down from Montenevera or head north from the Glaseado Mountain Pokémon Center, where you'll need to weave in and out of some steep cliffsides. Depending on how much of Path of Legends you've done, your mount may be able to make traversing the mountain a lot easier. If you're coming from Lake Casseroya, make sure you follow the water northeast to get to the North Province.

Once you start to see greenery, you're almost there. Make a stop at the area's Pokémon Center to heal up, and you'll be whisked away by Clive to the gates of the Fairy Crew.

Before you even get inside the gates, a teacher will challenge you to a fight. They bring two Galar 'mon with them — a level 48 Morgrem and level 49 Hattrem — both of which have very different weaknesses. Steel and Poison help with Morgrem, while Hattrem will take a hit from Ghost, Dark, and Bug-types.

If you beat the teacher, you can then ring the bell to start your Star Barrage.

Star Barrage - How to beat The Ruchbah Squad

Fairy-type only has two weaknesses — Steel and Poison. As such, Glimmora, Tinkaton, Bronzong, Clodsire, Revavroom, Salazzle, and Grafaiai are among your best options

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Fairy Crew Base - Team Star 6
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You'll have 10 minutes to take out 30 Pokémon in the base using Let's Go. Just keep sending your Pokémon out using the 'R' button and keep an eye on their health. If your Pokémon's health gets low, make sure you heal up at one of the bending machines scattered around the base.

After 30 Pokémon are downed, Ortega is all tuned-up and ready for a challenge.

How to beat Ortega, the Fairy Crew Boss

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Fairy Crew Base - Team Star 5
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Ortega is a pianist, and he brings a light touch to Team Star with his varied team. While specialising in Fairy, he has a few tanky Pokémon that might take a few hits before being knocked out.

The usual Steel and Poison types are mandatory, but make sure you cover Azumarill's Water-type with some Electric-type moves.

Pokémon Level Type
Azumarill Lvl 50


Dachsbun Lvl 50 Fairy
Wigglytuff Lvl 50 Fairy/Normal
Revavroom (Ruchbah Starmobile) Lvl 50 Fairy

Fairy Crew Base Rewards

Besting Ortega will get you some LP points, crafting materials, and TM079 Dazzling Gleam.

It's not quite a requiem or the final song yet — you might even still be near the beginning if you're tackling these in a different order. Let us know if you're finding our Pokémon Scarlet & Violet walkthrough guides useful, and keep reading on for more help!