Transfer-Only Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet
Image: Nintendo Life

The Paldea Pokédex in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is full of newbies and familiar faces alike, with many Pokémon from previous generations reappearing in the latest entries. That being said, on launch, there were some notable exceptions where some Pokémon that you might expect to see reappear in the game were not available.

Enter Pokémon HOME support. The implementation of the official transfer app has been a long time coming for Gen IX, but with HOME connectivity now live for Scarlet and Violet, there is a shedload of notable names that can now be brought over to the game.

In this guide, we have listed all of the previously-unobtainable Pokémon that you can now bring into Scarlet and Violet via Pokémon HOME. To be clear, this is limited only to those that have been coded into the game but were not available to catch before transfers were implemented — there are still several Pokémon that you will not be able to get in Scarlet and Violet for the moment.

Thanks to the ever-thorough for confirming much of the list below.

Every Transfer-Only Pokémon In Scarlet & Violet

Pokémon Name Generation Type
Charmander I Fire
Charmeleon I Fire
Charizard I Fire / Flying
Articuno I Ice / Flying
Zapdos I Electric / Flying
Moltres I Fire / Flying
Mewtwo I Psychic
Mew I Psychic
Cyndaquil II Fire
Quilava II Fire
Typhlosion II Fire
Kyogre III Water
Groudon III Ground
Rayquaza III Dragon / Flying
Uxie IV Psychic
Mesprit IV Psychic
Azelf IV Psychic
Dialga IV Steel / Dragon
Palkia IV Water / Dragon
Heatran IV Fire / Steel
Giratina IV Ghost / Dragon
Cresselia IV Psychic
Arceus IV Normal
Oshawott V Water
Dewott V Water
Samurott V Water
Tornadus V Flying
Thundurus V Electric / Flying
Landorus V Ground / Flying
Meloetta V Normal / Psychic
Chespin VI Grass
Quilladin VI Grass
Chesnaught VI Grass / Fighting
Fennekin VI Fire
Braixen VI Fire
Delphox VI Fire / Psychic
Froakie VI Water
Frogadier VI Water
Greninja VI Water / Dark
Carbink VI Rock / Fairy
Diancie VI Rock / Fairy
Hoopa VI Psychic / Ghost
Volcanion VI Fire / Water
Rowlet VII Grass / Flying
Dartrix VII Grass / Flying
Decidueye VII Grass / Ghost
Magearna VII Steel / Fairy
Grookey VIII Grass
Thwackey VIII Grass


VIII Grass
Scorbunny VIII Fire
Raboot VIII Fire
Cinderace VIII Fire
Sobble VIII Water
Drizzile VIII Water
Inteleon VIII Water
Zacian VIII Fairy
Zamazenta VIII Fighting
Eternatus VIII Poison / Dragon
Kubfu VIII Fighting
Urshifu VIII Fighting / Dark
Zarude VIII Dark / Grass
Regieleki VIII Electric
Regidrago VIII Dragon


Spectrier VIII Ghost
Calyrex VIII Psychic / Grass
Wyrdeer VIII Normal / Psychic
Kleavor VIII Bug / Rock
Ursaluna VIII Ground / Normal


VIII Water / Ghost
Sneasler VIII Fighting / Poison
Overqwil VIII Dark / Poison
Enamorus VIII Fairy / Flying

We will keep this guide updated if we discover any more transfer-only Pokémon for Scarlet and Violet.