Overwatch 2 DPS tier

Picking the best Overwatch 2 DPS characters is a daunting task. Overwatch 2 presents nearly two dozen damage dealers to choose from, each with unique playstyles, strengths, and weaknesses, and while the game may have changed to suit DPS players over tanks, that doesn’t mean every damage dealer is viable. Some take much more work to perform properly, while others are best left on the sidelines for now.

In this guide, we'll take you through the best picks for your play style.

Overwatch 2 DPS tier - All DPS characters ranked

Note. As with any character ranking, these picks are subjective and may change depending on your skill level and approach. For example, Widowmaker may be S-rank for players with good aim, but the worst choice for someone else. Bear that in mind when deciding which hero is right for you, and experiment with them all to see what you like best.

S-tier DPS characters

Overwatch 2 S-tier DPS characters


Genji is a well-armed Tracer, a fast-moving fighter who’s almost impossible to corner. What he lacks in abilities that deal significant damage, he makes up for with exceptional mobility and a useful block move that reflects incoming projectiles, making him an excellent counter to Basion and Torbjorn.


The only thing Ashe can’t do is win short-range battles, but she excels at practically everything else. Her rifle makes short work of opponents, especially if you use its scope, and she can chuck a bundle of dynamite that explodes and sets enemies on fire. Ashe may only have one mobility skill, but it’s a doozy. Coach Gun creates a small explosion that knocks enemies back and launches Ashe out of harm’s way.

Soldier 76

Basic doesn’t always mean bad, especially if you’re Soldier 76. The tutorial hero from the original Overwatch is one of the best heroes for beginners, and he remains one of the top picks long after you unlock the rest of the roster. His kit includes a bit of everything, from healing and AoE explosions, to a dash with no cooldown timer and an ultimate that targets enemies for you.


Sombra is an excellent support and DPS hybrid who can hold her own in combat and save your team in a pinch. Her machine pistol deals an impressive amount of damage, but what makes Sombra indispensable is her hack ability. Hacked enemies can’t use their own abilities for a short time, and Sombra deals extra damage to them. She can also briefly turn invisible and set a teleport point to warp back to and escape danger.

A-tier DPS characters

Overwatch 2 A-tier DPS characters


Tracer only has one attack skill to her name, but that’s all she really needs. Her movement skills make her perfect for flanking and confusing the enemy, drawing them into the open, and targeting their healers and others behind the front line. The downside is that Tracer has a very small HP pool, which makes her rewind ability essential in most encounters.


New hero Sojourn plays similarly to Soldier 76, with a strong primary weapon that charges her railgun secondary and an ability that creates a damage field across a broad area. Her dash lets her cover a substantial amount of ground quickly, and if you jump at the end, Sojourn goes flying. It’s the perfect getaway. The only thing Sojourn lacks is a method of healing herself.


Hanzo is a different kind of DPS and often requires a more strategic approach. His primary abilities center on firing arrows either singularly or multiple at once, but he can also climb walls and mark enemies so the entire party can see them. You need precision to deal damage, but even if your aim isn’t that good, you can still use Hanzo to cover an area and divert the opposing team to a different path.


Widowmarker is a tough hero to rank, since her usefulness depends on your aim. Her primary weapon is an automatic rifle that deals small amounts of damage very quickly, but you only want to use it if Widowmaker is cornered. Her sniper rifle is the real draw, as a headshot can kill an enemy in one hit. Obviously, that means you need accurate aim that can track fast-moving enemies, so Widowmaker won’t work for everyone.


Echo is a unique attacker who can fly, fire lasers, and leave bombs to ruin your enemy’s day. She takes a bit of getting used to, mainly since her primary attack fires in an unusual pattern, but once you get the hang of how she performs, Echo is a strong counter for speedy heroes such as Genji and Tracer. Her only real weakness is dealing with Hitscan characters, since they can easily attack her while she’s flying.

B-tier DPS characters

Overwatch 2 B-tier DPS characters


Reaper is a nightmare up close, but the trouble is actually getting him where he needs to be. Reaper’s shotguns only work effectively at close range, and his mobility skills are a bit limiting. Wraith Form is handy for getting behind enemy lines, but unless Reaper can defeat all nearby opponents, you need Shadow Step’s teleport ability to get away safely. Both abilities have long cooldown timers, which makes Reaper a but clunkier compared to other heroes.


Junkrat is another hero whose effectiveness depends on how familiar you are with him. On paper, he’s an excellent, multifaceted hero. In reality, unless you practice a lot with his grenades and learn their trajectory, you may struggle to deal with the opposing team. When they do connect, Junkrat’s frag launcher grenades deal an impressive amount of damage, though. He can also throw explosives and set traps, and he drops grenade upon death, so Junkrat isn’t short of ways to cause chaos, even if he is tough to get used to.


Pharah is a solid pick if you want something a bit different, but she has a few glaring weaknesses that hold her back. Her rocket blasts are powerful, and she can even fire missiles that knock enemies back, but while her ability to fly seems like a boon, heroes with hitscan attacks – including popular picks like Sombra and Soldier 76 – can make short work of her. Still, if you play cautiously, you can probably fire Pharah’s devastatingly powerful ultimate at least once, which may be all you need to turn the tide of battle.


Bastion is, in theory, a strong character adept at shredding Reinhardt’s shields and providing cover fire. Deciding how effective he is in practice has been a bit difficult with all the launch bugs, but at the very least, his kit is promising. Bastion’s turret is excellent at long range and can quickly shatter shields and defeat weaker heroes. That’s about all he’s got going for him, though. His tactical grenade is powerful, but easy to avoid, and the lack of mobility skills makes it easy to flank and defeat Bastion before he can get away.

C-tier DPS characters


Cassidy seems like an exciting hero, but he faces a number of limitations that make him challenging to use effectively. His revolver deals a hefty amount of damage, but with only six rounds and lengthy reload times, you need very good aim to make it count. His abilities include a grenade that deals a decent amount of damage, a slide dash that’s hard to control and has a long cooldown timer, and


In an Overwatch with just one tank and plenty of speedy competitors, Torbjorn struggles a fair bit. His primary weapon deals a hefty amount of damage, and his turret is invaluable in close spaces. However, his lack of other strong abilities and the brief duration of his Overload fortifying ability means Torbjorn has a difficult time keeping up with the rest of the team.


Mei is a tough one to rank since she can perform quite well in the right conditions. Her primary weapon, the endothermic laser, hits hard when it makes contact, but that’s about her only actual DPS ability. She can freeze herself for a few seconds and recover health, but one of Mei’s most useful skills is actually a support ability: Ice Wall. Use this to disrupt an enemy team’s advances or completely block off narrow passageways.


Symmetra plays like a hero who would have benefited from some adjustments to help her fit in Overwatch 2’s new take on matches. Her primary weapon deals higher damage the longer it stays on an enemy, which is perfect for slow-moving, damage-absorbing tanks, but not so much in Overwatch 2’s speedier matches and emphasis on DPS. Her turrets apply a handy speed debuff if their beams connect with an enemy, but they’re easily destroyed. Still, in close quarters or one-on-one fights, you can probably still pull off a win with Symmetra.