Kirby's Return To Dream Land Deluxe
Image: Nintendo

One of the headline additions to Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe is the brand new Magolor's Epilogue: The Interdimensional Traveller, which adds a solid couple of hours of playtime onto the original Wii game's main campaign.

There are a total of four areas in Magolor's Epilogue, with each one composed of four stages and a final boss battle. However! Friends, there is also a super secret special stage for you to unlock here as well.

Let's take a look at how you can gain access to this hidden level.

Magolor's Epilogue - How To Unlock The Secret Special Stage

As you blast through Magolor's Epilogue you'll find yourself achieving ranked badges at the end of every stage. These badges range from bronze all the way up to nice shiny platinums.

In order to nab the very best ranking possible, you'll need to bring home big scores by making sure you put together combos of hits whilst dishing out pain to your enemies. The bigger the combo, the bigger the score.

In order to unlock access to the special stage, you're going to need to achieve a gold ranking on every area and boss battle in the epilogue.

Sound tough? Well, the first time through each area we pretty much scored a silver on the majority of the areas without too much effort as we built up Magolor's extensive range of skills, but replaying through each stage with your abilities enhanced via points accrued from playing should see you nab those golds without too many problems.

Just remember to focus on upgrading your trickery skill, as later levels of this increase the time you have between combos without them dropping out, you can then use dash to cover the distance between you and your next enemy and you should easily be seeing that counter blast up over 70 or 80 or even 100 hits. Good luck!

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