Tom Nook Is Now A President

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Uhhh. Should we be worried about this one? We definitely didn't vote for him. It's not just a one-off, either — other people have noticed this, too! He is technically the CEO and President of his own company, but it's still odd for other people to call him that. Is it time for a coup?

Full-Sized Vehicles

OH HECK YEAH. It's time to build mansions with fancy cars, truck depots, and construction sites with real forklifts.

Blathers’ Posters

Blathers now has special museum posters available to brighten your walls.

Put DIYs In Storage

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Finally, get rid of (but still keep) all those pesky DIY recipes that you already know by putting them into your storage, along with all the other stuff you don't want, but can't bring yourself to sell!

Buy Villagers' Furniture From Their Houses

Apparently, visiting the houses of other villagers will give you the option to buy their stuff? The potential for this is incredible. Can we buy their beds?

Show Off Your Food

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Cooking is all about providing nutrition to your body, right? WRONG. It's about showing off and getting praise, and Animal Crossing lets you do that now.


We knew you could polish items (although we're still not fully sure what it's supposed to do) but you can also dust things. It doesn't do anything, except look extremely cute — and now you can join in when your villagers do spring cleaning around the plaza!

Glowing Moss

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Hard to miss, maybe, but glowing moss is now in the game, and it comes in a bunch of different sizes. What is this, Minecraft?

New Trees

Image: @doom_mori (Twitter)

New trees! Including the thicc baobab, the twisty vine, topiaries and cacti!

Donation Box

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There's a new Nook Miles reward: The Donation Box! Although you can only pop in 1,000 Bells at a time, this seems like a great way to get visitors to offer Bells as a thank you for letting them tour your island. Plus, it's customisable, and you can put your own designs on the front. Cute!

The Ultimate Gaming PC

Image: Discord

There's a new PC, and it has FOUR MONITORS. Four!! And one of them is Discord!


Some of the new items will let you build a castle. An actual, big castle. No more painting screens to look like walls!

Bear Backpack

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Bear backpack!! So far, we've only found this as an option in the Happy Home Paradise DLC, but we'd venture a guess that it'll be available in the base game, too. Check the Able Sisters!

Blobfish Gyroid

There are many gyroids, but this one is a BLOBFISH. We love it. Not sure what noise it makes, but we imagine it's one of despair

New Birds

The old yellow and green birds are boring. We're all about Happy Home Paradise's blue birds, now. So cute!

Also, check out the sweet little owls that appear at night on the Happy Home Paradise island:

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