You may find your first sticking point in Famicom Detective Club: The Missing Heir being the conversation with Zenzou, the Ayashiro family's butler. After exhausting all of your dialogue options — and "remembering" why you're here — you'll want to keep chatting with him.

As part of our Famicom Detective Club guide, we're here to help you talk through things with Zenzou.

Ask him about everything, from Kiku to yourself.

He'll tell you about about the mysterious death of his mistress.

"Remember" why you're here

You're doing an investigation!

Ask again about the relatives

Zenzou will tell you more about each of Kiku's nieces and nephews.

Ask again about the relatives

No, really. This time, you'll ask if any of them are around. (They aren't.)

Ask again again about the relatives

This time, you'll ask if they all live here, and Zenzou will offer to show you his mistress' bedroom.

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