Show me the file, lady

The mean assistant in Famicom Detective Club: The Missing Heir won't let you look at the file.

As part of our Famicom Detective Club guide, we're here to help you figure out how to progress.

Talk to her

It's not going to get you anywhere, but give it a go.

If she's not helping, go back to the Ayashiro mansion

Zenzou's here.

Call Akane

She promises to tell you things now.

Ask her about the tobacco case

She'll bring it to you!

Examine the tobacco case, then the drawer

Nothing much...

Take the tobacco case

Something will fall out!

Examine the paper

Some sort of code?


You've seen it before!

Examine the mirror


Ask Akane about the tobacco case

She says it's old.

Talk to Zenzou about the tobacco case

He'll give you new information!

Head back to the law office

She won't let you in, though.


Maybe Genshin can help?

Talk to Genshin

He can help!

Head back to the law office again

She'll let you in this time.

Ask about the file three times

Persistence is the key to success, right?

"Show" her something new

The game has a sense of humour, it seems.

Ask about the file AGAIN

She threatens to call the police.

Examine the file

Yayyy! You won!

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