Detective Kumada

Stuck at the clifftop in Famicom Detective Club: The Missing Heir yet again? We got you.

As part of our Famicom Detective Club guide, we're here to help you figure out how to progress.

Ask him about everything

Kumada really wants to be a detective. Indulge him.

Examine that thing on the left side of the cliff

What's that?

Take the item

Another clue, maybe?

Call Heikichi, Yukiko, and Kumada

You'll get a prompt to leave.

Head to the station

Talk to the station clerk first.

Call the villager

She'll tell you they saw Kiku again, this time on the clifftop!

Return to the clifftop

Kumada's still here.

Call Yukiko a few times

...Nothing happened.

Talk to Kumada again

He'll go for a walk.

Head back to the station and talk to the Station Clerk

Ask him what he knows, and you'll get a new lead.

Return to the clifftop, and call Kumada three times


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