Disney Dreamlight Valley: What's The Difference Between Standard, Deluxe, And Ultimate Edition? 1
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So, you want to buy Disney Dreamlight Valley. Maybe you've been waiting until your favourite character gets added, or maybe you've been slowly worn down by the marketing and the updates for the game.

Either way, you're here, and you're wondering what the differences are between the three versions available on the eShop, so let's get into it.

The Differences Between Disney Dreamlight Valley Editions

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a game in Early Access, which means it is unfinished and may have a few bugs. Eventually, the game will be made free-to-play in late 2023, at which point you can download and play for free. Until then, the only way to play is by paying for it, or downloading it through Game Pass.

Here are the differences between every version available on the Switch eShop, if you want to get a headstart before the game launches out of early access:

Standard Edition

Disney Dreamlight Valley: What's The Difference Between Standard, Deluxe, And Ultimate Edition? 4
Image: Gameloft

The Standard Edition costs $29.99 / £24.99 and includes Mickey Mouse-themed items:

  • The game
  • Standard Ears Headband
  • Standard Jersey
  • Standard Furniture set (7 items)
  • Standard Wall & Floor coverings (2 items)
  • Standard Design Motifs (3 motifs)
  • 8,000 Moonstones

Deluxe Edition

Disney Dreamlight Valley: What's The Difference Between Standard, Deluxe, And Ultimate Edition? 3
Image: Gameloft

The Deluxe Edition costs $49.99 / £41.74 and includes a lot of Toy Story-themed items:

  • The game
  • Everything included in Standard Edition
  • Deluxe Clothing Set (5 items)
  • Deluxe Ears Headband
  • Deluxe Jersey
  • Deluxe Furniture set (8 items)
  • Deluxe Wall & Floor coverings (2 items)
  • Deluxe Design Motifs (3 motifs)
  • 14,500 Moonstones

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Ultimate Edition

Disney Dreamlight Valley: What's The Difference Between Standard, Deluxe, And Ultimate Edition? 2
Image: Gameloft

The Ultimate Edition costs $69.99 / £58.49 and includes Cinderella-themed items:

  • The game
  • Everything included in Standard and Deluxe Editions
  • Ultimate Clothing Set (2 items)
  • Ultimate Ears Headband
  • Ultimate Jersey
  • Ultimate Furniture set (13 items)
  • Ultimate Wall & Floor coverings (2 items & 2 colour variants)
  • Ultimate Design Motifs (3 motifs)
  • The Regal Fox companion
  • 20,000 Moonstones

Comparison Table

Standard Deluxe Ultimate
8,000 Moonstones
(= 3 seasons of extra rewards in Star Path)
14,500 Moonstones
(= 5 seasons of extra rewards in Star Path)
20,000 Moonstones
(= 7 seasons of extra rewards in Star Path)
1x Ears Headband
1x Jersey
2x Ears Headband
2x Jersey
3x Ears Headband
3x Jersey
7x furniture & decor items
2x wallpaper & flooring
15x furniture & decor items
4x wallpaper & flooring
28x furniture & decor items
6x wallpaper & flooring
3 design motifs 6 design motifs 9 design motifs
5x clothing items 7x clothing items
Celestial Sea Turtle companion Regal Fox companion
Celestial Sea Turtle companion

Cozy Edition

A sort of physical edition of the game is due to launch in October 2023. The box contains a download code rather than a cartridge, as well as an exclusive sticker sheet, a double-sided collectible poster and four digital bonus items. These include 14,500 Moonstones, a Cottage House Style, an Exclusive Cheshire Cat Sweater, and an Exclusive Racoon Companion Skins:


How do I get the free items included in each Edition?

Boot up the game and create an avatar. You'll then have to start Merlin's first quest in order to get your own house — which will come with a mailbox.

Your Founder's Pack items will be inside the mailbox, and can then be accessed through the wardrobe and furniture edit modes.

Do the Founder's Pack items change the game?

No — they are visual items only. They do not provide any benefit, ability, or additional function, so whether or not you want to get them is purely down to whether you like the furniture or clothing, or if you want an extra boost of Moonstones.

Is the game free elsewhere?

The game is available for free on Game Pass, but only the Standard Edition.

Can other accounts on my Switch get the same free items?

No, only the primary account that bought the game will be able to claim the items. Other accounts will still be able to claim the Standard Edition items, though.

Can I upgrade from one Edition to another?

Unfortunately, no.

What do Moonstones do?

Here's the official spiel:

Moonstones are an in-game currency that can be collected for free by performing tasks in the game, or be purchased using real money. They are used to unlock the premium track of the Star Path (a battle-pass-inspired system that grants in-game cosmetic items as a player completes various tasks and missions).

Moonstones can also be used to accelerate progress in the Star Path. Additionally, Moonstones can be used to purchase cosmetic items from the in-game store that will be added later.

You cannot buy Moonstones yet, but this will come in a later update.

Are Moonstones locked to the platform I'm playing on, or my account?

Free Moonstones that are collected in-game are shareable across all platforms except PlayStation, but any Moonstones you buy can only be spent on the platform where you bought them.

Moonstones that come with any of the Disney Dreamlight Valley Founder's Pack Editions (Standard, Deluxe, or Ultimate) can be used on any platform except PlayStation.

When will the game go Free-To-Play?

Some time in 2023, although an exact date has not been announced. Looking at the roadmap, it looks like it won't be until at least after summer.

What happens to my items and Moonstones when the game goes Free-To-Play?

They'll still be intact, although you won't be able to buy any of the Founder's Pack Editions once the game leaves early access, and you won't be able to buy the cosmetics and furniture, either.

Hopefully we've answered your questions, but if you have anything you'd like to know about Disney Dreamlight Valley, tell us in the comments below!