Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Get Vitalys Crystals 1
Image: Nintendo Life

Vitalys Crystals are a material in Disney Dreamlight Valley that are used to create potions to better your Royal Tools. But if you haven't found them yet, we can help you! Here's our guide on finding these elusive shinies...

How To Get Vitalys Crystals

Unlock Sunlit Plateau

You'll need to unlock Sunlit Plateau first. It's on the west side of the map, and it costs 7,000 Dreamlight to open up the passageway.

Unlock Scar

Then, you'll need to unlock Scar. Head to the Elephant Graveyard and go inside the giant elephant skull to begin Scar's questline.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Get Vitalys Crystals 2
Image: Nintendo Life

Begin Scar's "Nature and Nurture" quest

Scar's first quest in the one that will let you get Vitalys Crystals. You can use our guide to complete the quest, but you'll be able to access the mine as soon as you trigger the quest!

Go mining

You'll see lots of big mining spots with blue and purple veins in the Vitalys Mines. These are the only way to get Vitalys Crystals, so make sure to visit every now and again!

Get more Crystals

Tips for increasing your haul of Crystals:

  • Take a mining companion — they'll often double the last material you mined
  • Make sure to take energy-restoring foods into the mine (like gooseberries and cooked meals)
  • Leave the mine and go back in, and the mining spots will have respawned

We hope this helps you find all the Vitalys Crystals you need!