Disney Dreamlight Valley: Halloween Villains Star Path Guide 1
Image: Kate Gray / Nintendo Life

Halloween is here, and Disney Dreamlight Valley is celebrating in style with a special Villains-themed Star Path. This guide will help you maximise your time and figure out how to complete the missions to get as many of the limited-edition rewards as you can!

What is a Star Path?

Disney Dreamlight Valley has seasonal events, which offers missions that players can participate in. Each mission earns you themed tokens, which are then used to buy seasonal rewards, including new pets, new outfits, new furniture, and more.

Star Paths are six pages of rewards and one final page for spending leftover tokens. Each page requires you to buy three things before the next page is unlocked, so spend your tokens wisely!

The Villains Star Path is themed around Halloween and evil, so a lot of the missions and the rewards are based on doing Halloweeny things, or interacting with the villains in town.

When does it end?

The Halloween Villains Star Path ends on November 21st, 2022.

Players will have a week after this to spend their tokens before the next Star Path begins.

What are the rewards?

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Halloween Villains Star Path Guide 2
Image: Kate Gray / Nintendo Life


  • 200 Moonstone (20 tokens) x7
  • 300 Moonstone (35 tokens) x2
  • 90 Moonstone (10 tokens) xUnlimited


  • Fire motif (10 tokens)
  • Poison apple motif (10 tokens)
  • Hades motif (10 tokens)
  • Cheshire Cat motif (10 tokens)
  • Scared cat motif (10 tokens)
  • Spiderweb motif (10 tokens)
  • Bat motif (10 tokens)
  • Pumpkin face motif (10 tokens)
  • Bat motif 2 (10 tokens)
  • Magic Mirror motif (10 tokens)
  • Bat motif 3 (10 tokens)
  • Ribcage motif (10 tokens)
  • Witch's hat motif (10 tokens)
  • Bat motif 4 (10 tokens)
  • Maleficent motif (10 tokens)
  • Gargoyle motif (10 tokens)


  • Magic Mirror (50 tokens)
  • Orange Trick or Treater's Bounty (25 tokens)
  • Well of Souls (40 tokens)
  • "Late Riser" Bench (40 tokens)
  • Gothic Castle Window (50 tokens)
  • Web-Snared Tree (40 tokens)
  • Mickey Mouse Jack-O'-Lantern (25 tokens)
  • Halloween Bench (40 tokens)
  • Floating Candles (25 tokens)
  • Maleficent's Throne (50 tokens)


  • Black Cat Ears (10 tokens)
  • Incredibles Super-Mask (25 tokens)
  • Skeleton Onesie (40 tokens)
  • Plague Doctor mask (40 tokens)
  • Malevolent Fairy Horns (25 tokens)
  • Raven Wings (40 tokens)


  • Wind-Up Raccoon Companion (50 tokens)

How do I complete missions?

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Halloween Villains Star Path Guide 3
Image: Kate Gray / Nintendo Life

You will be offered three missions at the beginning of a new Star Path season, which can range from catching lots of one specific type of fish to completing Dreamlight tasks.

If you spend 2,500 Moonstone, you can unlock "Premium", which gives you three more mission slots, allowing you to complete more missions at once.

Some of these missions — like mining 15 Peridot, or catching 30 Herring — are really tricky, and are designed to take you several sessions to complete. You can speed this up by bringing along a companion who has the fishing or mining specialty, as their extra items will count towards this.

If you have a task that involves flowers, like "pick 15 purple flowers", you can pick up a couple of flowers, drop them down, and pick them up again. This will count towards the total.

How do I get more Moonstone?

Moonstone is very hard to come by. To our knowledge, there are only two ways.

  1. Open blue chests, which respawn daily, to get 10 Moonstone
  2. Buy more Moonstone through the Star Path

We hope this guide has helped you in your quest to get some cool new gear and limited-edition items in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Let us know in the comments what you'd like us to help you with in our ongoing guide series!