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Once you enter this area in Bloodstained, it will be dark until a statue falls on the ground. Head right making sure to dodge or kill any bats that come for you. After you make your way through the bat-infested hallway, you’ll enter a room with a Sabnock in it.

This demon shouldn’t be too difficult to kill — just be wary of its hard-hitting attacks.


After killing the Sabnock, head up via the platforms and inspect the bookcase in the left corner to learn the Thousand Blossoms technique. From here, go right and drop down one ledge to find a green chest with a Leather Chestguard inside.

Drop down to the area below and continue right into another hallway. Be very careful in this hallway because not only are there numerous Mortes and bats, but a new dog-like demon that can quickly take down your health.

Head right where you’ll discover a room with a massive and bloody fountain in it. Ignore the fountain for now and cross through it to reach another bookcase. There’s no technique in here, though. Instead, it’s a journal entry providing some backstory to the world of Bloodstained. Head left past the bookcase to find a Save Room.

Exit the Save Room and cross the bloody fountain once more. This time, head up the platforms and when you reach the giant chandeliers with demons on them, hop over them, killing any demons in your way. On the right, you should spot a red chest. Hop up to it and open it for 500 gold.


Now, hop back toward the left and ascend the platforms up. In this new room, to your left is an Ammo Capacity Up. Pick it up and then head right. Kill the Blood Grinder Knight (and the ghost that’s probably chasing you) and open the chest nearby to get an Ether. Then, continue right and inspect the bookcase to get the Trucidating Gyre technique.

Now, just a few steps to the left is a hole you can drop down. Drop down it and you’ll be back at the spot where the red chest is. Hop up to the ledge the red chest sits on and walk right to encounter someone named Alfred who tells you they are Johannes’ old teacher.


During this conversation, Johannes shows up and he and Alfred argue about whether or not Alfred should be after an old tome that Gebel has known as Liber Logaeth.

After this conversation, head right to the next area. Here, you’ll find plenty of bats (of course), a Bone Mortes and a Gieremund. You can fight these enemies or simply dodge them — regardless, head up the broken staircase. After climbing up these, head right into the next area where a Sabnock awaits you.

Kill the Sabnock and continue right to reach the next area of the game. Your map should look like this when you complete the Entrance.


Garden of Silence

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In the first hallway of the Garden of Silence, you’ll encounter three new enemies right off the bat: Moco Weeds, which are plants that attack from the ground, Parmas, which are flying pigs that can smash you to the ground and Barbatos, magical archers.


Take out these enemies and continue right into the next area. Hop across the gap before you and continue right until you can hop up onto some platforms. Hope across these platforms as far left as you can go until you reach a doorway you can pass through. In here, there are some enemies to kill and a green chest with a Morgenstern.

Head back to the right into the area you were in before this room and use the platforms you were on earlier to hop to the room above you. To the right is a bookcase you can inspect for some more backstory.


After inspecting the bookcase, head left into a new area. Continue left through it and into the area following it. In here, drop down through the middle and pick up an HP Max Up.

Go back up and then go left. Defeat the enemies in this hallway and continue left to reach a passageway that takes you back to the Entrance.

Continue left and drop down with a slant to the right to ensure you land on the ledge on the right. Kill the demon here and open the chest before continuing to the right where you’ll find a green chest with Lethal Boots inside.

Exit this room and go to the opposite side of this Entrance area to find a green chest with a Blunderbuss gun inside.

Now, drop down and you’ll be back at the base of the Entrance area. Continue right to get back into the Garden of Silence. Once you reach the area with the platforms we originally took up, go down instead. Down and to the right is a green chest with Obsidian Equipment/R. Now, return to the top where the platforms are.


Continue upwards and left and retread back through the areas we’ve already discovered until you make it back to the Entrance area. Once here, continue left until you reach a room with a broken staircase that you can use travel upwards and to the left. Climb up it and once on top of the stairs, hop to the right and defeat the Barbatos. After killing it, continue right to reach a Save Room.

Exit the save room and head down the stairs you took to get to the save room. Drop down and defeat the two enemies below. Then, on the left wall is a bookcase to inspect that will teach you the Orbital Wheel technique.

Now, continue left to enter a room with stained glass in it.


Interact with the stained glass and then head right back to the area with the staircase we used recently. Go back to the Save Room above and save because up next is the second boss in Bloodstained.

Your map should look like this at the end of the Garden of Silence.


Boss Fight: Zangetsu

The second boss you’ll fight in Bloodstained is Zangetsu and he’s one of the fastest bosses in the game. His fight can be broken down into two phases.


In phase one of this fight, Zangetsu is fairly straightforward. He simply uses slashing movies and the occasional dagger toss. Each move is telegraphed so whether he’s going to slash at you from above, slash at you from below or simply go for a stab, you’ll know ahead of time. Pay special attention to the orange trail he leaves behind because those will often tell you which direction he’ll be coming from.

The last thing to pay attention to during the first phase of this boss fight is his taunt. When Zangetsu taunts, do not engage. He’ll quickly move into a defensive position where he can block and counter any attack you make in front of him. Just simply jump over him and attack from behind.

The second phase of Zangetsu comes after you damage him enough. When you reach this point, you’ll know it because he will light his blade on fire. He doesn’t gain any new attacks during this phase but each attack that he uses now has the added element of flames, meaning it does more damage and has a larger range.

To defeat Zangetsu, your best move is to stay right on him, constantly jumping to behind him. Our strategy looks like this on paper: attack, attack, jump behind him, repeat.

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