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Robot Invader


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Action, Adventure
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  • 13th Aug 2015, $7.50
Wind-up Knight
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Wind-up Knight 2 Screenshot
Wind-up Knight 2 Screenshot
Wind-up Knight 2 Screenshot


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    Finite Jogger

    Endless runners are a dime a dozen, but few take the time to flesh out interesting gameplay. Wind-up Knight 2 adds an extra level of polish and platforming to elevate the game above its colleagues, but not without stumbling a little along the way. In WUK 2 you play as a knight who must complete a stage while continually running at...

About The Game

Wind it up. Get ready. GO!

One of today's most popular mobile platform games, Robot Invader's WIND-UP KNIGHT 2 makes its way onto Wii U™. With a long list of accolades, Wii U players can now enjoy the thrill of this propulsion-fueled action platformer. Packed with humor, beautifully rendered graphics and some of the most clever and imaginative designs ever - you play as Sprint, the clockwork knight, who just won't…can't…stop. In this (literally) non-stop adventure to rescue the princess, your skills are pushed to the absolute limits as you jump, duck, swing, roll, attack and endure countless dangers including traps, cliffs and of course the sorted enemies. A large variety of play mechanics offers countless hours of fun. Collect coins to purchase new equipment and customize your knight. Explore side quests and hidden areas for rank promotion. Vie for Leaderboard position and earn in-game currency in the wickedly crazy, all-new Tournament Mode.