Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
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Wii U eShop

  • US 5th Feb 2015, $1.99


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    Geometry Bores

    Tri-Strip is a puzzle game about placing strips of triangles into a grid to make squares, which clears up space and nets you points; using the stylus, touchscreen and a single button, you can strategically drag, drop and rotate pieces into open spots. It's a style of play that requires a little bit more hesitation and thought when...

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Tri-Strip Screenshot
Tri-Strip Screenshot
Tri-Strip Screenshot

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About The Game

A game of turning triangles into quads!

It's a retro-themed single-player puzzle game, much in the style of 90′s era puzzle games. Score points by arranging rows of triangular tiles into quads. Your score multiplies by however many quads you can create in a single move. Enjoy strategic gameplay at a fast pace in the Arcade mode. Push yourself to the limit in the five Challenge modes. Weep for mercy in the time-based challenges of the Super-Hardcore mode!