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  • EU 25th Jun 2015, £13.99
  • US 25th Jun 2015, $14.99
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    Stuck in second gear

    Puzzle-platformers are all the rage in the world of indie games. Perhaps it's because they're so accessible for so many different kinds of gamers - or because they're a genre well suited to exploring unconventional narratives. Whatever the case, intuitive design is central to the success of these generally more minimalist games...

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Control two adorably dim-witted alien space janitors on their quirky quest to repair the galaxy!

Features strategic single-player & co-op missions where you can play on your own or challenge a friend locally. Enjoy over 50 dynamic interplanetary puzzles across five themed planets with ten levels each, which increase in difficulty as players advance. Encounter cosmic challenges of size and space: quickly shift weight between the custodian cosmonauts to avoid traps. The game boasts high re-playability - blast back to the beginning to discover new hidden collectibles and unlock more secrets to the universe.