Shadow Puppeteer

Shadow Puppeteer (Wii U eShop)


Wii U eShop
Snow Cannon Games
Sarepta Studio


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User Ratings: 4

Our Review: 6/10


Number of Players
Adventure, Platformer, Puzzle
Release Date

Wii U eShop

  • US 28th Jan 2016, $14.99
  • EU 28th Jan 2016, £13.49
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    Missing the light touch

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About The Game

Invite a friend to explore the strange, yet beautiful world of darkness and light in co-op adventure Shadow Puppeteer.

Assume the roles of a boy and his shadow, separated from one another by an evil shadow puppeteer. Work alone in single-player or with another player in split-screen co-op to manipulate light and solve cleverly crafted puzzles that bring you closer to finding this villain and freeing other shadows he has stolen.

Winner of the 2015 Indie Prize Director's Choice Award, Shadow Puppeteer features stunning art and enchanting music that will transport you to a unique and delightful world.

  • Explore a strange world of light and darkness
  • Play in single-player or co-operatively with another player
  • Harness the power of light to solve cleverly crafted puzzles
  • Breathtaking 3D art and an eeire soundtrack create Shadow Puppeteer's rich atmosphere