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Our Review: 6/10


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Action, Adventure, Party
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Wii U eShop

  • EU 15th Oct 2015, £8.99
  • US 15th Oct 2015, $9.99
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Rakoo & Friends Screenshot
Rakoo & Friends Screenshot
Rakoo & Friends Screenshot
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  • Review Rakoo & Friends (Wii U eShop)

    Love is in the air

    Rakoo & Friends is a strong case for the allure of beautiful presentation. From a gameplay standpoint there's nothing really special about this one, but the fact that it's a joy to watch adds greatly to the overall package. Rakoo & Friends tells the story of the eponymous critter and his quest to find true love. The game...

About The Game

Driven by his unrequited romantic yearnings, the charming but not very smart Rakoo leaves his cosy, comfortable home in search of that special someone.

A freshly picked flower, a goofy smile and off he goes! In his frantic race for survival, Rakoo embarks on a fantastic adventure in a world that's as wild and beautiful as it is dangerous. Use your Wii U GamePad to guide Rakoo through the wonders and perils he encounters along the way. Will Rakoo find the love of his dreams? His fate is in your hands!