Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
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Wii U eShop

  • US 30th Jun 2016, $2.99
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    Find your zen

    Those of you who enjoy playing the odd puzzle game on your smartphone will no doubt remember 2048. The viral "It" game of 2014, 2048 was centered around the very simple idea of consolidating like numbers on a grid by swiping in any direction. Naturally, dozens of clones began to arrive on digital storefronts shortly after, hoping to...

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Prism Pets Screenshot
Prism Pets Screenshot
Prism Pets Screenshot

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About The Game

Prism Pets, a colorfully cute puzzle that shines. Slide, smash and crash your way into color!

Prism Pets is a charming puzzle game combining cute animals with all the colors of the rainbow. Craft brand new colors by sliding around the playfield, but don't fill it up or it's game over! With hundreds of different combinations and nearly a dozen different animals to play with, Prism Pets provides hours of smashing, crashing, colorful fun.

  • Endless challenge from one simple game mode
  • A relaxing soundtrack
  • Adorable pets and bright colors make this a great game for all