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1 (Single Player)
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Wii U eShop

  • US 1st Oct 2015, $6.99
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    Not so sparkly

    Puzzle solving games with gems, jewels and shiny objects are a dime a dozen. Sometimes, it doesn't take a gemologist to determine which ones are valuable or worthless colourful bits of glass. Gemology joins this glamorous, risky world of puzzle games hoping to be discovered. But is it really worth it? How many gem puzzle games are...

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About The Game

Excitement and intrigue 1,000 ft. below!

Stake your claim and take to the caves in Gemology exclusively for Wii U. Amass your wealth by collecting gems through various methods of play in your effort to accumulate the world's largest gem cache. Will you have what it takes to be the world's richest jewel tycoon?

Ways to Play:

  • LAPIDIARY: Solve puzzles by manipulating your environment in Lapidiary! Harvest every gem these shafts can offer in this patient and contemplative puzzler. Be careful, one wrong move at any time may lead to dead ends and disaster!
  • ANNEALIATION: Annealing leads to bigger, better, more valuable gems! Tap, drag and combine to make the biggest stones on Earth in Annealiation - the arcade, high score spectacle! Balance your riches against the rising lava to claim the world's greatest amalgamation of molten magnificence.