Fire: Ungh's Quest

Fire: Ungh's Quest (Wii U eShop)


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Daedalic GmbH
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Single Player
Adventure, Puzzle
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Wii U eShop

  • 20th Oct 2016, $8.99
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Fire: Ungh's Quest Screenshot
Fire: Ungh's Quest Screenshot
Fire: Ungh's Quest Screenshot
Fire: Ungh's Quest Screenshot
Fire: Ungh's Quest Screenshot


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    Review Fire: Ungh's Quest

    Are you still fascinated by the concept of fire?

    We're all taught about fire at a young age. It's dangerous, and without it humanity would likely not have developed as it has. So how about a game where you are transported to the Stone Age and take control of a Neanderthal who is on a journey to locate fire? This is the basis of the eShop title that...

About The Game

Fire: Ungh's Quest is a puzzle adventure with intuitive puzzle design. Without any words, it tells a savagely hilarious story. Journey into the Stone Age and face the most challenging task of this era – the search for fire!

This story's hero is the lovably chaotic Neanderthal Ungh who dozes off during his very first night watch. The next morning, the catastrophe ensues – the fire's gone out and Ungh is banished from his village. Now you have to help Ungh find a new flame, searching every corner of the Stone Age world. No matter if he has to search the insides of a dinosaur, smouldering volcanoes or even through time itself, there is no place Ungh won't look for new fire.

One click or swipe and your environment comes to life. A small dash of logic and you'll be able to solve any puzzle and there will be no limit to your exploratory spirit while interacting with the game's world – fire coconuts from a mammoth's trunk, turn into an animal or save the fair maiden from the Octo-Boss' grasp.