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1 (Single Player)
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Wii U eShop

  • US 26th Mar 2015, $4.99
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    Tripping the light fantastic

    Judging games for review brings some challenges. How can a tiny indie game compare with a Nintendo-developed blockbuster? We thought about this a lot when playing James Montagna and Andrew Lim's Dot Arcade, a small, highly focused experience that keeps things simple in the name of fun and longevity. While there's not...

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About The Game

When a video game is distilled to its most simple form, what sorts of fun can be discovered? Dot Arcade answers this question in a set of 8x8 light dot games, each with a unique gameplay focus!

Included games are:

  • Mr. Snake
  • Dodge Club
  • Rally Driver

The TV and Wii U GamePad become your personal Dot Arcade cabinet, with stunning designs by featured artists. You'll find the Dot Arcade collection is easy to pick up, thrilling to play, and a challenge to master.

Compete with friends the classic way by taking turns or go global by sharing your scores on Miiverse™ … players everywhere will be ready to have a Dot Arcadeshowdown with YOU!