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  • 21st Jul 2016, £2.69
  • 21st Jul 2016, $2.99
Defend Your Crypt
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Defend Your Crypt Screenshot
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    Tomb sweet tomb

    Curiosity is the folly of man. Those pesky humans tread where they do not belong, steal what isn't theirs, and dig into dark realms beyond their imagining. Their greed is a plague, and there's only one cure – giant smashy blocks! Tired of people raiding your elaborate tomb in search of treasure? Don't get mad; get even, with Defend...

About The Game

Defend Your Crypt is a strategy and puzzle game, in which we will have to avoid to lose our treasure by the tomb thieves. We, as the Pharaoh, can use different traps to defeat those ambitious humans who are profaning your tomb. Let them fall into the void, burn them, put an arrow through them, drown them, send your scorpions... Do everything you find necessary.