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1 (Single Player)
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Wii U eShop

  • US 4th Jun 2015, $3.99
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    More like a square than a cube

    Every once in a while, you play one of those games where it just makes one wonder how exactly it got published in the first place. Usually, this is due to a woeful lack of polish or because some part of it could be argued as being fundamentally broken, be it due to core game mechanics or unforgivable performance...

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Cube Blitz Screenshot

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About The Game

Cube Blitz is a physics based puzzle game that will test your skills using the GamePad.

Your goal is to get all the gems to the bottom goal line while preventing all the stones, gems and industrial bricks from going over the foul line. You are equipped with 3 bombs and an area bomb that has to be used wisely. There are 4 play modes ranging from easy to very difficult that focuses on different play styles.

Using the GamePad you have to tap or multi-tap the stones to break them up on screen to allow the gems to fall to the goal line. The only bricks you cannot break are the industrial bricks. The speed of the drops increase over time requiring you to use the bombs to break the industrial blocks.

Each difficulty level has a set score you have to achieve before you complete that difficulty level.