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  • US 21st Apr 2016, $6.99
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    Too square to be hip

    Have you ever said to yourself, "I would like a game that combines elements of Street Fighter, Space Invaders and Puyo Puyo"? If you have, then you are going to love Blockara. Blockara is a puzzle game first and foremost, but it borrows plenty of successful mechanics from other games. The result of all that borrowing, however,...

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About The Game

Every 12,000 years the September Dragon rises from her slumber to grant a wish to the best alchemist in the world. Today, she awakens, and the World Alchemy Tournament begins! Who will win? Will it be George: the ghost dog, Lars: the reclusive professor, Laila: the mathematician turned mailwoman, or one of the 7 other mighty magicians? That's for you to decide!

Line up elemental tiles to damage your opponent, then use special tiles to blind them, freeze them, and more! Just make sure you remember to defend yourself, too!

  • A Story Mode with 10 characters - choose your favorite and help them rise to the top!
  • Local Multiplayer to make your friends regret coming over!
  • 32 Puzzle Mode levels for when you want every move to count!
  • An Endless Battle Mode to fight for the highest score you can possibly get!
  • Colorblind Mode and other Accessibility options, so EVERYONE can play!

So open up your alchemy book and burn the bookmark! You won't need it where we're going!