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Wii U eShop

  • EU 21st May 2015, £24.90
  • US 28th May 2015, $29.90
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Switch eShop, Xbox One

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    The Wii was (and is) a wonderfully appealing console, enticing folk who'd never considered picking up a joypad into a quick round of Wii Sports or Mario Kart. The Wii was also the natural home (and origin) of the Just Dance series of games, which went on to sell in vast quantities. Waving a Wii-remote to a spot of Katy Perry on a Friday...

About The Game

A dance game that will bring absolute fun to all your family and friends!

American Latin Music is suitable for all ages and makes children and adults dance, creating an atmosphere of great amusement in front of the tv. 20 hit songs among the most famous and exciting ones have been chosen with very competence by O2 GAMES. The game has been realized with studied choreographies by professional dancers Carlo Romano and Vera Sokolova from the prestigious “Caroline Smith Dance Academy". You can play alone or with friends, up to four players at the same time. On the GamePad will appear the lyrics of the song so while you are dancing, the others can sing! Baila Latino will take a lot of fun in your family!