Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

Wii (Wii Shop)

  • US 19th Oct 2009, 600 points
  • EU 11th Sep 2009, 600 points
  • JP 8th Sep 2009
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  • Review Rygar (Virtual Console / Virtual Console Arcade)

    Lesser-known than its NES counterpart, but is it still worth picking up?

    When you utter the name "Rygar", many people will instantly think of the NES game with the same name. In it, you played as the bare-chested warrior Rygar, making his way through both side-scrolling and overhead stages using his unique weapon, the Diskarmor, to take...

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Rygar News

About The Game

The year is 19XX A.D. and the human race has been brought to its knees by the resurrected ancient Beast Lord.

The people have brought legendary warrior Rygar back to life in order to save the human race. Armed with Diskarmor, a weapon that extends, you’ll also make full use of your jumping abilities to venture through and clear all 27 stages.

Appearing at arcades in 1986 as a side-scrolling action game, RYGAR received high acclaim for its beautifully rendered graphics, including waterfalls and a setting sun. As extra features, players can collect the five Powers of Indra to obtain special bonuses or gain 1,000,000 bonus points for finding hidden items. Also, the number of lives and the level of difficulty can be altered.