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Action, Shooter
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  • EU 30th Jun 2022, £4.49
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About The Game

ZIC: Zombies in City is a cooperative first-person shooter in which you have to join forces with other survivors and try to save this world at any cost.

Chaos reigned in the night city — hundreds of city residents in an instant turned into bloodthirsty and eternally hungry zombies. But you are lucky — for some reason you have escaped the fate of turning into a zombie and now you have to find other survivors. Break through the crowds of the dead, unravel the real causes of the coming apocalypse and find a way to save the world!

Join forces with other survivors, because you are the only hope for saving this world!


▪ Multiplayer — team up with your friends and fight back against bloodthirsty zombies!

▪ More than 20 levels with colorful locations - city streets, wild jungles and even space!

▪ Unique and exciting storyline;

▪ More than 10 types of enemies: smart and stupid zombies, malicious marauders and other undead;

▪ Charismatic characters with unique characters and their own history;

▪ A rich arsenal of weapons against zombies — from an ordinary ax to a high-tech blaster;