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  • US 3rd Jan 2022, $12.72
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Become a firefighter, comic book artist, train conductor, and more! Everyone grab your Joy-Con™! Up to four players can join in the fun! There are collectibles, motion controls, and loads more to enjoy! [Job Master] Take on all the available games in this mode! Get the hang of each game to become the champion! [Job World] Select the game you want to play in this mode! Work on your collection in solo play, or challenge your friends! [Firefighter] Use your hose to put out all the flames! [Cashier] Become the master of the cash register in this challenge! [Drone Pilot] The race is about to start! Steer your drone to first place! [Fisher] Cast out your line and reel in the big one! [Burger Cook] Make burgers fresh to order! [Heavy Machine Operator] Operate an excavator and load up some rocks! [Farmer] Raise crops and harvest as much as you can! [Comic Book Artist] Follow the guidelines and complete the comic drafts! [Smoothie Maker] Create the perfect smoothie treat! [Train Conductor] Stick to the schedule and aim for a perfect train run!