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Simplicity Tomasz Dyrak


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Number of Players
Single Player
Action, Platformer, Puzzle, Shooter
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Switch eShop

  • EU 22nd Apr 2022, £5.99
  • US 22nd Apr 2022, $6.99
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About The Game

Is magical kingdom doomed, having only Wizard Mike as its protector? Yes. Most likely.

But there’s a chance, small one but still – Mike might not be the smartest guy in the room. Maybe he failed alchemy classes 17 times in a row. Maybe he almost destroyed the entire University of Magic causing an explosion during the potions class. But he doesn’t lack self-confidence! He just needs your help. Guide him through the battle with evil forces and save the kingdom!

Wizard Mike is an insanely addictive logic game.

- Avoid traps set by your enemies

- Use all your brainpower to solve puzzles

- Use your magic wand to get rid of the enemies!

But the enemies aren’t stupid (they only look like that) and they defend themselves as much as they can – you must use your brain and also logic to pass all levels of this cool adventure game. On your way, you will run into various obstacles – bombs, traps or even… knights – but remember that every weapon can be a double-edged sword.

Also, keep in mind that you are not alone in this war – you have your brave wand at your service, which can turn your opponents into dust. In some levels, you will appreciate your Magic Potion Travel Kit.

Mike is still a teenager so he cares about his look and fashion style – you have a ton of clothes, hats and even wings to change style of your cool wizard to even cooler wee-zharrd. This could help you to shock your opponents even before the battle!