Number of Players
Single Player
Shooter, Strategy
Release Date

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  • EU 6th Apr 2023, £17.99
  • US 6th Apr 2023, $19.99
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About The Game

This is a Shoot'em up & Tower Defense game that you can play with simple commands and rules.

You will command “Tia” and be on a journey to the defeating adventure against invading monsters.

●World view

The magic tool shop of Tia has been seized including precious books of magic and a part of her house due to being in a huge debt...

There’s a mystery land called “Lost Dugout” in the far distance.

People told that hidden treasures remain as a consequence of widespread dangerous monsters.

“Let’s search the mystery land. We’re going to acquire the treasure and get our house back!”

Now, it begins the treasure hunt adventure of Tia with a magical creature Doll!