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1 (Single Player)
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  • EU 10th Aug 2023, £16.55
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About The Game

In the wilderness, you can use different weapons, fight with countless monsters from all directions, constantly collect materials and gold coins, buy different weapons, equipment, spells, and stack Buffs with different functions to make yourself stronger and stronger, so as to defeat the monsters coming in like a tide. Collect different materials, make grenades and bombs, build their own turrets, and form an invincible position by constantly strengthening the turrets. When you become stronger, have a final showdown with the enemy's Boss!

You can customize the duration of the game, collect unlimited weapons and equipment, and build your own turret at will.

This is a survivor combat and tower defense game. It has dozens of different melee and long-range weapons and a variety of spells, dozens of different equipment and buffs to strengthen its ability. It can collect different materials, make grenades and bombs, build multifunctional turrets, and form different tower defense positions to fight. In the constant battle, you can challenge higher difficulty.