Number of Players
Single Player
Adventure, Arcade, Puzzle, Simulation
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  • US 24th Feb 2022, $8.99
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About The Game

『Who Is Zombie』 is a zombie apocalypse simulation game where the player must prevent zombies from entering the civilian shelter. In the year 2033, the nation saw a large-scale zombie outbreak. As the government's mass care shelters reached full capacity, people begin to seek help at nearby civilian shelters instead. However, riots by the rejected and the infected lead to heavy casualties, causing the government to dispatch special inspectors to civilian shelters. Interview the refugees, screen out the infected, and protect your shelter as a supervisor! ◆INSPECT EVERY VISITOR FOR ANY SIGNS OF TROUBLE  Obviously, you can tell zombies from ordinary citizens.  Make your decision whether to accept or deny refugees  based on what you learned from looks, newspapers,  answers, and more.  At some point, you will need your skills to screen out new  and dangerous zombie variants. ◆LEAD YOUR SHELTER TO THE RIGHT WAY  As the supervisor 「Aiden」, you will build relationships  with various people and factions around him.  Remember that whatever path you choose,  it will impact on you as well as everyone else. ◆9 DIFFERENT ENDINGS  Many things will happen for 30 days,  and you must make choices.  Your decisions as a supervisor will eventually bring you  one of 9 different fates in the game.  How will your story end, and what will become of your  shelter?