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Action, Party, Puzzle
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  • US 31st May 2019, $4.99
  • EU 31st May 2019, £3.99
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About The Game

Watermelon Party is an action puzzle game for 2-4 players where players compete against each other.

Players are given tiles of different shapes and need to lay a path for their hero to walk across the map and collect all the watermelons.

If someone makes a mistake or hits a dead end, they can use bombs to destroy the tiles and rebuild the path. The player who collects all the watermelons first is the winner. The others are ranked by their speed and number of watermelons remaining.

The game is family friendly: Each player can set their own difficulty. Kids and less experienced players get an even playing field versus puzzle geniuses.

The game supports horizontal Joy-Con layout, so two players can play with one pair.