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  • US 24th Mar 2022, $15.00
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About The Game

The side-scrolling bishojo action game series "Valis", which was first released in the 80s and gained popularity, celebrated its 35th anniversary in December 2021.In commemoration of this, three of the series' most popular titles, "Valis: The Fantasm Soldier", "Valis II" and "Valis III", have been completely ported to Nintendo Switch™!This title, "Valis III" offers a selection of visual cutscenes as well as three playable characters, each with unique fighting styles and magic.-Sound mode and visual mode included!The game is equipped with a viewing mode that allows you to enjoy the gems of Valis sound and beautiful visual scenes!In addition, many other elements allow you to enjoy Valis to the fullest, such as a function that allows you to save and load anywhere and a "rewind" function that allows you to go back and redo any mistakes you make!-StoryThe Spirit World and its population of demons face the threat of oblivion in hyperspace. To defend his people, demon king Glames invades other worlds.When demon warrior Cham tells Yuko of the coming danger, they race to Vecanti. Yuko wields the sword of Valis into battle for the last time.