Number of Players
Single Player
Adventure, Puzzle
Release Date

Switch eShop

  • EU 24th Feb 2022, £2.39
  • US 3rd Mar 2022, $14.99

Nintendo Switch

  • EU 25th Feb 2022, £49.99
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About The Game

You control RT-217NP, an engineering robot with an uncommon curiosity towards the long-extinct human race. Explore the ruins of a once prosperous human civilization and try to discover the truth behind humanity’s disappearance.

A Mind of Steel

Does the concept of morality still have a place in a world that is now ruled by pure mechanical logic, with every decision reduced to a simple set of ones and zeros? You’ll make tough choices through your adventure, and discover a whole new meaning of what morality has become.

The Remains of a Biological Genius

Humanity has left behind a myriad of clues about the truth behind its disappearance. Not all of them will be easy to discover, as these secrets have been closely guarded. Test your skills and solve a diverse array of challenging puzzles; if you ever hope to uncover the hidden truth.

See Earth Through Robotic Eyes

The ruins of civilization are filled with the air of mystery. In the Uncertain: Last Quiet Day, you’ll uncover a charming, yet lonely world like you’ve never seen before. What was once a loud and vibrant place is now reduced to an empty shell of its former glory, littered by the remains of what humanity once was.